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Art for the Uninitiated 2: The Renaissance - repeat

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This will be an introductions to the great ideas of the Renaissance in Italy.

From around 1450 great patrons and their artists rediscover the art and literature of the ancient Greeks. At the same time they begin to notice how the world actually looks and functions. What follows is one of the greatest periods of human achievement - where paintings begin to imitate reality through discovery of perspective and anatomy, but also idealise it after the fashion of ancient Greeks. Art no longer served the Church exclusively, rich and powerful patrons want art to decorate their palaces and show off their learning. Venice becomes the centre of sumptuous, colourful and often erotic mythological scenes.

We will look at Piero della Francesca, Leonardo, Botticelli, Raphael, Veronese and Titian.

A cup of tea in the National Gallery cafe afterwards for a chat and a bit of socialising.