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    Photographer/Cinematographer, Samsung Imagelogger, DJICreator, VTPhotoTours.com Founder/Instructor, VTDrone.com, VTPhotoMeetups, naturalist, birder, nature lover, localvore, foodie, espresso addict. I ♥ VERMONT! Opinions expressed are my own.
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    Hi, I'm Peggy Reynolds
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    Hi All, I am the manager of Darkroom Gallery!
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    I've been involved in photography since I got my first camera at age seven. I've represented photographers as a gallery owner and as an arts facility manager, but it's been only in the last year that I've started taking my own work seriously.
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    NorthEast Photographer
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    To get involved with the local photography community, and be part of conversations and discussions about images in Burlington.
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    I have been interested in photography since my HS years...lost it for a while in the 80's but got re-engaged and energized with the emergence of digital. It would be great to connect with others in an informal learning community.
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    I have done photography since age 10 - 56 years and still learning - and now do more again as retirement nears. I made a happy transition to digital imaging about 12 years ago, and then within the past year began using vintage film cameras again.
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    Hi, Im Nelson Parker. I'm into large format landscape photography and working in my darkroom.
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    Looking for new ideas to improve my photography skills by meeting and shooting with other photographers.
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    To meet others in the area that share my interest in photography.
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    I am in search of like-minds willing to share their unique views.
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    To meet other photographers in the area, get involved in some discussions and maybe learn a few new tricks of the trade.
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    Stranger in a Strange World: Exploring the new way of photography in the Digital Age, including PhotoShop editing, Want to explore the Mixed Media at some point.
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    The range of options in these meetups is impressive and I benefit greatly from seeing other's work and getting feedback on mine.
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    Community helps keep me creatively inspired, and I enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of others.
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    To meet local photographers and share ideas, and to combat the spread imaginary diseases through modern photography techniques.
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    To share and learn more about photography, especially digital photography.
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    I love photography.
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    I particularly liked the emphasis on composition. I doubt if one can get enough interaction on this subject fro other artists.
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    Like most I joined this group to improve my photography. What's unique here is the focus on aesthetics rather then technical aspects of photography. There are courses to help you master a technique. This group will help you know you've got it down.
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    I created this group to meet other photographers who would like to share their work and discuss composition. I'm especially interested in getting honest and hard feedback for my work and learning how to improve and be different.