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A friendly reminder that if you RSVP but find that you can no longer attend, you must do both of the following:
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2. Message me or comment on the event page. Changing your RSVP to ‘no’ doesn’t alert organizers in any way.

I completely understand that things come up at the last minute?I simply ask that you notify me, so I can be prepared to know who to expect there. Please respect my time and the time of other members. Thanks so much for your understanding.

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30th Anniversary of the Yokohama Museum of Art Meet the Collection

30th Anniversary of the Yokohama Museum of Art Meet the Collection 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Yokohama Museum of Art. "Meet the Collection", designed to commemorate this important milestone, is made up of two parts: “Life” and “World.” Divided into a total of seven sections, the exhibition consists of over 300 works, including paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, videos, and crafts, drawn from the museum’s collection of over 12,000 items. In addition, four artists [Tabaimo, Asai Yusuke, Imazu Kei, Suga Kishio]have been invited to create some unique encounters between their own works and those from the museum collection as a means of conveying the free and diverse ways of viewing and interacting with art. Moreover, the Heisei era will come to a close during the exhibition period. The history of the museum, which opened in 1989, the first year of Heisei, corresponds exactly with the era. While focusing primarily on collecting works, the facility has staged countless encounters based on art. The museum resembles a magnetic field, creating links and cultivating rich relationships between highly individualistic works, the artists who made them, and the viewers who come to see them. In this watershed year in the Yokohama Museum of Art’s history, we hope you will join us in reconsidering the role and potential of the museum as a place to meet the collection. https://yokohama.art.museum/eng/exhibition/index/20190413-532.html ★Meeting point the entrance of museum at 15:00

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Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions

Mori Art Museum

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