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Zimmermann & de Perrot

Pittsburgh Dance Council 412-456-6666

"4 STARS. Boisterous, off-the-wall humour and fizzy, rollickingly good entertainment."
–The Times

"Zimmermann & de Perrot create absurd, surreal masterpieces of visual theatre."
–Total Theatre Review

With a great deal of mischief but at the same time anger and depth, the duo Zimmermann & de Perrot present a disconcertingly original marriage of theatre, circus and dance. Supported by five circus artists and dancers, these two directors, who now enjoy dazzling success, have far exceeded all expectations in their new work. Poets as well as magicians, they keep a piece overflowing with humor regulated to the nearest millimeter. The stage design, which revolves on a horizontal axis, forces the performers into the most unlikely positions. All this is put at the service of a caustic story, which makes Hans was Heiri a work that has broken down barriers among the public to an extent rarely seen.

We can either meet in the lobby at 7:45pm - I'll have a meet-up sign - or if anyone is interested in meeting beforehand we can meet at Tonic Bar & Grille which is right across the street at 6:45pm. They have a happy hour which lasts from 5-7, so if we get there at 6:45 we can still take advantage of their drink specials. Please indicate your preference on your RSVP. Also it is not open seating and tickets are going fast - Friday night is already sold out. We probably won't gets seats near each other, but we can at least say hi in the lobby. :)

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