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10th Annual Theatre Festival in Black & White -- Holiday Edition! Program B

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10th Annual Theatre Festival in Black & White -- Holiday Edition!

The September 14 show also includes a meet & greet with the playwrights and directors along with a talkback discussion on diversity in the city and during the holidays.Pittsburgh Playwright's Theatre Company (PPTCO)

December 5 - 17 2013

This seasonal edition of PPTCO's signature one-act theatre festival is a holiday treat not to be missed!!

Audiences will be treated to brand-new one act plays (ranging from 15-40 minutes each) that touch upon holiday traditions of many faiths. See below for the titles of these plays which will no doubt be bringing many laughs and maybe even a few tears!

For those that have never been to PPTCO, this is one of our region's little gems. For example, PPTCO's stunning production of the August Wilson classic "Two Trains Running" was rated by the Post Gazette as the #2 best locally produced play in 2008 as well as making the Top 10 list for the entire decade 2000-2009.

One of the unique aspects of the Theatre Festival in Black & White is that they pair black playwrights with white directors, and white playwrights with black directors while incorporating other cultural collaborations. In addition to providing superb theatre (e.g., great reviews), this also has the benefit of achieving very diverse audiences. Over the years, the Theatre Festival in Black & White has also offered opportunities for 'seasoned' professional actors as well as aspiring, talented student actors to perform together onstage. Because PPTCO seats about 100 people, this is intimate theatre where audiences feel like they are watching real life.

This festival includes 10 brand-new one-act plays on rotation (see Program A and Program B below) which are ticked separately. For more information, including a video preview of several of the holiday plays, please visit

All advance tickets are $20. And Meetup members can also pay $20 at the door (as compared to the normal $25 door). Seating is General Admission.

Special events: Saturday December 14 2013, 5 PM: Meet the playwrights and directors. This will also include a talkback on diversity in the city and during the holidays. Stick around after the 2 PM show, or arrive early for the 7 PM show!

FYI, the other special event dates for the talk back discussion (on diversity in the city and during the holidays) include: Saturday, December 7 2013, 5 PM; Sunday December 8 2013, 5 PM; Sunday December 15 2013, 5 PM. All events are at 5 PM, and are open to the public. Stick around after the 2 PM show, or arrive early for the 7 PM show!

Please note: After the performance, we'll have the option of going out to dinner at a local restaurant such as the nearby Nicky's Thai.

Check out these great articles from the Post Gazette and City Paper about the festival

The two programs of one-act plays are ticketed separately,but are meant to entertain and encourage meaningful dialogue. Don't miss these engaging holiday shows!

Program A, coordinated by Eric A. Smith

"Just Jesus" A college student with a passion for African studies returns home to suggest that her conservative, dysfunctional middle-class African-American family celebrate Kwanzaa. Written by Marlon Erik Youngblood; directed by Kaitlin Mausser.

"True Meaning" A woman in her mid-20s, whose life has stalled, struggles to keep her temper and her dignity at a family Christmas gathering. Written by Andrew Ade; directed by Rita Gregory.

"And to All a Good Night" When Justin brings his girlfriend to dinner during the holidays to meet his family for the first time, her being white is not a problem. Her being an atheist is a different story. Written by Lissa Brennan; directed by Cheryl El Walker.

"St Clair Xmas" As the housing project St Clair Village is torn down, one man launches a "Bring back St Clair" campaign. Written by Wali Jamal; directed by Marcus Muzopappa.

"Cornucopia" Closing time on Christmas Eve at the Family Dollar store is interrupted by a cold hungry runaway who tests the employees' compassion and Christmas spirit. Written by Tammy Ryan; directed by Ashley Southers.

Program B, coordinated by Mark Clayton Southers

"We Need a Ramadan" It's the 23rd day of Ramadan and a family fears eviction in the Hill District. Written by Aasiyah El-Rice; directed by Vince Ventura.

"Hanukkah in the Back Country" When Julie's girlfriend of six years walks out on their relationship right before Hanukkah, her big sister takes her for a hike in the back country. Written by Judy Meiksin; directed by Kim El.

"Where I First Saw the Light" It's Christmas Eve and two young men (one white, one black) are in a cemetery visiting the graves of their fathers. Painful family secrets are revealed. Written by Tameka Cage Conley; directed by T.C. Brown.

"Christmas Star" It's Christmas Eve, and Kenny comes home from Iraq with a wounded foot and post-traumatic stress disorder to a family that is divided over the war. Written by Ray Werner; directed by Monteze Freeland.

"An Ubuntu Holiday" As an African-American family prepares to celebrate Kwanzaa, their teenage daughter invites her African-American classmate/neighbor over for the festivities, but her classmate's Christian mother does not want her daughter involved because she thinks Kwanzaa is anti-Christmas. Written by Kim El; directed by Stephen Santa.

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