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The Crucifer of Blood - Sherlock Holmes Returns! and with a ticket discount

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David Whalen, Justin Holcomb and Gayle Pazerski star in The Crucifer of Blood.

The dynamic duo are back on stage in a wild adventure that will keep you guessing until the end! The Crucifer of Blood -- by Paul Giovanni.

When Irene St. Clair calls on Sherlock Holmes, fearing for her father’s safety, Holmes is intrigued and Watson is smitten. With every clue, this exotic mystery becomes more deadly. Can the master detective save the day, or will an ingenious villain stay one step ahead of Holmes at every turn? Will the curse of the Treasure of Agra harm all who touch it? From the blood oath made over the chest of jewels in India, this thriller moves us throughout foggy London, from Baker Street to the spooky Pondicherry Lodge, to a Limehouse opium den to a boat chase on the Thames…and finally back to Baker Street. An adventure for the whole family!

About the play "The Crucifer of Blood" by Paul Giovanni ( that is adapted from the Arthur Conan Doyle ( story The Sign of the Four ( The play premiered in 1978 on Broadway starring Glenn Close, and had a very successful run which included winning one Tony Award and two Drama Desk Awards. It depicts the character Irene St. Claire hiring the detective Sherlock Holmes to investigate the travails that her father and his three compatriots suffered over a pact made over a cursed treasure chest in colonial India during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

To purchase tickets with the online MEETUP-30 discount code, please visit ($30%20for%20advanced%20tickets%20($24%20+%20$6%20handling)%20which%20is%20a%20very%20nice%20savings%20as%20compared%20to%20the%20normal%20$54%20price%20($48%A0+%20$6%20handling).%A0)

Please note that the Meetup discount is $30 for advanced tickets ($24 + $6 handling) which is a very nice savings as compared to the normal $54 price ($48 + $6 handling).

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