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Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (PNME) - Concert #4 (August 1-2) with Free Offer

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The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (PNME) offers some of the most innovative performances during summer weekends at City Theater in the South Side. These acclaimed performances often include world premieres of new works showcasing contemporary music, dance movements, theatre, and cutting-edge video artistry.

The PNME involves unique collaborations among musicians, artists, and composers from Pittsburgh and throughout North America. Since its founding in 1976, PNME has commissioned and premiered over 200 works.

The 2014 PNME Season begins the weekend of July 11-12, and continues for four weeks until August 2-3.

To check out the entire PNME 2014 season, please visit

Each PNME concert is unique. But to check out an example video of what these PNME concerts may be like, please visit or

Check out these great preview articles about the upcoming concerts during PNME's 2014 Season during July-August

And an article about the concert on August 1-2

Concert 4 (August 1 & 2) is based on the theme of Drunken Moon

"The wine that only eyes can drink…" ~ Albert Giraud

A heart-sick woman in a late-night dive

thinks she's met the man of her dreams –

only to discover that the river of love

can be a dangerous place to swim.

SHE: Lindsay Kesselman

HE: Timothy Jones

Directed by Kevin Noe

These PNME concerts are typically 1-2 hours, so it is not too long of an evening -- and is easily incorporated with other plans, such as dining before the show or going out for a drink afterwards.

In addition, if you have never been to a PNME concert before, PNME graciously offers first timers a free ticket!! First timers can pick up their free ticket at the Box Office beginning at 7 PM (one hour before the concert). See below for details.

Also, as another discount bonus -- if you've been to PNME before and bring someone new, you'll also receive a 50% off ticket. But if you bring 2 first timers, then you get in for free!

MEETUP Considerations

This event has been posted for both Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2 to allow maximum flexibility, especially for first timers taking advantage of the free first time offers or people bringing first timers that can receive a discount.

But if people would like to go to PNME on their own (with family/friends) or in smaller groups, this is also fine.

When you RSVP, please indicate if you'd also like to consider meeting for dinner at a local Southside restaurant before the show or go out afterwards around 10 PM.

TICKETS (If you're not a first timer, and need to buy tickets)

Please visit or call ShowClix 1.888.71.TICKETS (1-888.718.4253)

Season Package: save up to 40% with 4 tickets for $80 (or $40 students/seniors) Must be ordered in advance. Applies to weekend concerts only - 4 tickets total. Choose Friday nights or Saturday nights. Easy ticket replacement, exchange, and donation options.

Single Tickets:

◦General Admission: $25 advance, $35 at door

◦Students/Seniors: $12.50 advance, $17.50 at door

Student discount applies to ages 26 & younger, or those with a full-time student ID; Senior discount applies to ages 62 & older. Limit one ticket per I.D.

•First Limers*: FREE! – only available at door beginning at 7 PM

*A first limer is a first time attendee.

*And if you bring a first timer, then you can save 50% at the door! But if you bring 2 first timers, then you get in for free!

For more information, please visit the PNME Homepage with links to videos, music, and reviews


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