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Have you ever been interested in the Historical Martial Arts of Europe (HEMA), wanted to learn to fight like a knight, or just wanted to learn swordsmanship? This meet up is right for you.

In this group we will use historical source material (books, art, etc) to explore the martial practices of Europe. For the time being we will be focusing at Aramazare, the martial art recorded by the Italian Fencing Master Fiore Dei Liberi in his manuscript, "The Flower of battle", with special focus given to fencing with the long sword.

We will look at the texts, do exercises and drills, and engage in live fencing practice regularly. Expect to get exercise and remember this is a martial art and a contact sport. Bumps and bruises will be part of the experience eventually. We have a small amount of extra gear you may use at first, but will be expected to get your own gear after a while.

First class is free! After that classes are $15 per class (one class a week), or $50.00 per month. So that I can keep providing nice gear for beginners, and expand the variety of training tools and safety gear we have access to.

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