What we're about

Hi dear ones,
It's time to give our hearts, souls and bodies what they (we) are longing for: deep connection. The kind of connection that feels so good, that energizes you rather than depletes you, that makes you feel seen and loved rather than judged, that makes you want to share it with the world rather than hiding and suppressing it.
Does that sound intriguing? If so, this night is made for you. Let's give ourselves permission to experience exactly that once a month at the „Art of Connection“, elevate each other in the way we show up for ourselves and each other, feel encouraged to share it and have a phenomenal time together :)
What to expect:
Being comfortably uncomfortable
Pushing your own edges
Beautiful people, potentially your (new) tribe, friend, lover,...??
We will experience to connect and relate deeply, safely, authentically & joyfully
- with Self
- with People you know BYOF -> Bring your own friend ;-)
- with People that were strangers to you before
We will learn how to
- Express kindly and unapologetically
- Communicate boundaries and desires
- Receive openly and gratefully
- Navigate it all

We will speak
- Touch
- Gaze
- Words
- ...? :)

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