What we're about

I have been teaching and running classes for 15 years and enjoy improving whatever I touch, which is what I have been doing in the Life Drawing world. This year I will spend most of my time trying to cure an achille's Tendonitis and a voice problem so instead of running the classes I'll be helping others run or start theirs by promoting them and create a connection between a few so things can happen. Originally 15 years ago Art classes were nearly gone, now it is the opposite, it is so buzzing that a few found the biggest possible spaces, found someone to run 50/70 attendees classes and went to hide. This means that now it is time to try to decentralize classes and grow small classes in any area or help existing ones. If we don't most classes in London will close down.

10 years ago I found meetup and started the first Life Drawing class ever inviting nearly 100K people, now it's is time to find or create /develop something else.

Our way to socialize will be to go and draw at someone else's class that has been recommended or that we'd like to discover. We can socialize after the class and brainstorm knowing that there is plenty to talk, laugh and get annoyed about...

Art teachers with connections abroad should definitely join in or anyone who knows a great talent that should/want to teach. Probably half the population of this group are Life models so I will talk/message everyone of you to find out what side of the easel you are and more about your wishes in 2019.

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National gallery

Visit the National Portrait Gallery

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