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My logo is : I can ! And I believe anyone who puts their mind to find the creative part of their soul truly can achieve what they are passionate about. You may feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked yet since the results are not what you expected . You don't have the clarity to chose what is good for your life . You are still struggling to simply maintain and not to break . You are surrounded by other people's success stories . And you keep asking yourself why nothing has worked properly for me ? You are searching to find ways to remove stress in order to live a joyful life. Think of it this way: you work about 8/10 hours a day . Sadly your job may be dreadful. After dealing with the traffic you get home and now instead of finding solace , you must deal with personal issues . You are overly tired! You eat something quick and then crash in front of the TV or your laptop ..Then you fall asleep! If lucky you may get enough sleep. The next day begins like a wink of eye and will be perhaps the same . There is very little joy to this kind of lifestyle.

Stress becomes your best friend .

Stress can exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of. Studies have found many health problems related to stress. Stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma and many more.

At Artience Pro, my goal is to bring a balance into the individual's life. I have created a method which I believe with discipline and an open mind can change a person's outlook. I don't use a general formula that works the same for all because each individual is different. At Artience Pro , I will teach you to find your own formula that works for you only. Anyone who is interested in search of a good balance in life can use my methods to find their own hidden creativity . I utilize a combination of arts and science ( Artience ) to create a life less stressful . I believe everything can be learned and perhaps cured as long as we find the root of the problem. By working with me , you will experiment with science , art and creativity in order to achieve a more fulfilled lifestyle than just your regular daily routine. I will give you something to look forward in order to find joy in the daily monotonous routines . Remember you cannot sit at the feet of Shakespeare and walk away an author ! You need to practice . You need to write your own story. Do it before it's too late.

Looking forward to help and to exploring life with the world . I work with individuals and small groups.

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