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To chat or not to chat? How to understand if your company needs a chatbot

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Your company reaches the stage at which a chatbot becomes an option for you brand and you don't know if you should go for it or not? Or you already have a chatbot and you are asking yourself why is it not well received by your customers? The archetype classification of brands and social-cultural perspective can give you answers to that. We will see how archetypes influence (and limit) the tools your brand can use to communicate its values and how to make the most of it.

About the speaker:
Tetyana Karpenko-Duebbers is founder and CEO of the company “The Loupe”, which helps businesses to stand out among their competitors, providing branding, creative graphic and web design but also development. Tetyana has around 20 years experience in areas related to communications and during last years took part in scientific projects on tool mediated interaction.