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Do you think Artificial Intelligence is your new mantra ? Are you a business leader, product manager, an engineer or an entrepreneur? Would you like to know more about Wide / Deep / Recurrent Learning, Attention Models, Boosted Gradients, Distilled architectures and end-to-end pipeline design? Sprinkle some optimisation and deployment on that.

If you read this far without getting scared, this networking group is meant for you. Over the course of the pandemic, we'll try to keep in touch with online meetings.

In-person sessions will resume in Bucharest and Lisbon starting April.

Get your thinking cap on and step right in, we accept cookies.

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A.I.B. October: Build a Smart Teddy & New age language models

Artist Cafe / Theatre and Social Events

A.I.B. August: Nao the robot on Google Cloud & CenterNet

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