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AI Ethics: The malicious use of AI

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Abhishek G.


A survey of the landscape of potential security threats from malicious uses of artificial intelligence technologies, and propose ways to better forecast, prevent, and mitigate these threats.

This session will take a critical, deep-dive into what this means and will explore this through the following reading material with an objective to produce a short article summarizing the views from our discussions.

Readings: [Mandatory for this session - this session there won't be as much time as previous sessions (see agenda) to discuss the readings so make sure to do this before arriving]

Mandatory Readings:

  1. Malicious Use of AI: Forecasting, Prevention and Mitigation

NOTE : Please join Slack via as we will be actively discussing things there leading up to the session.

Format : [Session will start sharp 6:30 pm]

6:30-6:35 Introduction

6:35-6:40 Break out into groups

6:40-7:00 Group discussion

7:00-7:55 Group presentations and debate [3 min. presentation + 4 min cross-questioning by group]

7:55-8:00 Session wrap-up

490 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H2Z 1E3, Canada · Montréal, QC