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AI Ethics: Labor impacts of AI-enabled automation

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Abhishek G.
AI Ethics: Labor impacts of AI-enabled automation


A deep analysis of the labor impacts of AI-enabled automation will be crucial as we envision a future where there is not only labor replacement but also labor transformations that create human-machine workspaces. There are implications when thinking about what skills to impart to people going through the education process and how to retrain existing labor forces to be better prepared for a more automated future.

This session will take a critical, deep-dive into what this means and will explore this through the following reading material with an objective to produce a short article summarizing the views from our discussions.

Readings: [Mandatory for this session - this session there won't be as much time as previous sessions (see agenda) to discuss the readings so make sure to do this before arriving]

Mandatory Readings:

  1. Will robots and AI take your job? The economic and political consequences of automation

  2. AI, automation and work

Adventurous Readings:

  1. Hearing on the labor and economic implications of AI

NOTE : Please join Slack via as we will be actively discussing things there leading up to the session.

Format : [Session will start sharp 6:30 pm]

6:30-6:35 Introduction

6:35-6:40 Break out into groups

6:40-7:00 Group discussion

7:00-7:55 Group presentations and debate [3 min. presentation + 4 min cross-questioning by group]

7:55-8:00 Session wrap-up

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