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Quantitative Trading on Quantopian (Intro) 4 Saturdays (12 Hours)

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Price: $460.00 /per person

Naked Hub, Mandela Room, 8/F,

40 Bonham Strand · Sheung Wan

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Do you know most of the top money-making hedge funds are doing algo trading? The most well known Renaissance Technologies averaged 71.8% annual return from 1994 to mid 2014, outperformed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Can we do algo trading too? With Quantopian, an online algo trading platform, algo trading is accessible to anyone and technology is no longer a barrier. The only thing you need is knowledge.

Join us to be the pioneer individual of the algo trading world. You can learn how you can create a strategy that run automatically that don’t need your attention every single minutes during market hours.

Course Objective
Students should be able to develop algo trading strategies using Python programming languages on Quantopian platform

Who’s this course for
- Willing to learn programming and write program
- Willing to spend time after class to do exercise and project
- With basic understanding of financial markets

Course Details
Day 1
- Introduction to Algo Trading
- Introduction to Quantopian Platform and Demo
- Python Programming

Day 2
- Trading Strategy Development Workflow
- Source of Trading Ideas
- Python Programming

Day 3
- Risk Management
- Evaluate Trading Strategies
- Pitfall of Algo Trading
- Python Programming

Day 4
- Live Execution of trading strategies
- Course Project Review
- What’s next

Course Homework Project
- Implement a trading strategy in Quantopian

- 4 November (Saturday)
- 11 November (Saturday)
- 18 November (Saturday)
- 25 November (Saturday)

10am to 1pm

Cantonese with English Terminology

Bring your own notebook that can connect to WiFi.
WiFi access is provided.

Course Fee:
Early Bird: Total USD 460 for 12 hours
Regular: Total USD 520 for 12 hours

Other Remarks:
- This is a pre-paid event.
- Strictly no walk-ins. Walk-ins will be refused.
- USD because Meetup only accepts USD and does not accept HKD.
- Enquiry: [masked]
- AI HK and/or Instructor reserve the right to cancel the course or change the dates of the course due to unforeseen situation. If cancelled, participants will receive full refund.

About Instructor
Henry Tang has over a decade of experience investing in financial markets. He is currently a full time algo trader using his own platform he developed. Prior to his full time trading career he was a Vice President in Morgan Stanley Technology Division. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He is also an expert in Cryptocurrencies, and a member of Mensa, a high IQ society who only accept member with IQ over 132.

About Quantopian:
Quantopian is a crowd-sourced quantitative investment firm. We inspire talented people from around the world to write investment algorithms. Quantopian provides capital, data, a research environment, and a development platform to algorithm authors (quants). We offer license agreements for algorithms that fit our investment strategy, and the licensing authors are paid based on their strategy's individual performance. We provide everything a quant needs to create a strategy and profit from it. With over 140,000 members in more than 180 countries, that range from students to professionals, Quantopian’s community is continuing to grow every day.

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程式交易入門 - 利用 Quantopian 編寫交易策略

你知不知道現在全球最賺錢的對沖基金都用程式作交易決定?最出名的 Renaissance Technologies由1994年至2014年中的平均年回報達71.8%,遠高於巴菲特的巴郡。



讓完成課程的學生能在 Quantopian 利用 Python 程式語言開發程式交易策略。

- 願意學習程式語言及程式編寫
- 願意在課堂以外時間做練習及項目
- 對金融市場有基本認識


- 程式交易簡介
- Quantopian平台入門及示範
- Python 程式語言

- 開發程式交易策略流程
- 交易策略來源
- Python 程式語言

- 風險管理
- 評估程式交易策略
- 程式交易陷阱
- Python 程式語言

- 執行交易
- 檢閱及評價各同學的課程項目
- 程式交易下一步

- 在Quantopian上編寫一個程式交易策略

- 廣東話 配以英文術語

- 自備能連上 WiFi的筆記型電腦。
- 會提供WiFi網路

Henry Tang擁有10年以上金融市場投資經驗,現在全職做程式交易,並自己開發的程式交易平台。

他畢業於香港大學軟件工程系,此前是摩根士丹利科技部副總裁。Henry也是加密貨幣專家, 高智商組織Mensa會員,Mensa只接受IQ132以上的人仕入會

About Artificial Intelligence Hong Kong:
Our mission is to accelerate the growth of Artificial Intelligence and build a community of AI practitioners in Hong Kong.

We have an AI Whatsapp & Slack groups of 158 AI Engineers, if you have AI Programming and/or Machine Learning libraries experiences and interested to join our whatsapp & slack groups, please send an email to [masked], and apply with your AI Projects, Kaggle Competitions, Github &/ LinkedIn &/ Stack Overflow profiles.

Event Hosted by:
- Eugenia Wan, B.Sc (Hons), Masters (Duke)
- Kyle Wong, Ph.D., CFA, and FRM

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