What we're about

Purpose of this group:
This group is for parents who are interested in teaching their kids about Artificial Intelligence and related topics in Math, Programming, Robotics, etc. We will have events that show kids (any age from elementary, middle school to high school) about what Artificial Intelligence is, how to build smart applications and programs, and how to use AI to benefit their community.

Who should join?
Bay area parents who are interested in teaching their kids artificial intelligence and participating in group STEM activities

What will you do at your events?
We will do projects using artificial intelligence that students can build, present and showcase to their peers.

Upcoming events (4+)

Doing Research with AI - Guide for High Schoolers

Online event

Are you in high school and looking to distinguish yourself for college applications? Planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars on college counselors? Consider doing a research project. You will learn valuable skills such as - how to explore topics, organize your thoughts, use data, create innovations, publish in journals, compete in science fairs, and more. A research project will also get the attention of college faculty and help you get a head start on college-level research.

AIClub has helped many students do award-winning research with AI, from as young as 7th grade. Our staff have PhDs in Computer Science, have published extensively, have hundreds of patents, and are experienced in conducting research at all levels from academia to industry. We have served on research conference program committees and advised Ph.D. candidates.

In this webinar we explain the research process and how to get started with research while in high school and how to create award-winning research outcomes that will distinguish you for college.

High school students and parents are welcome to attend. Advanced 7th grade and 8th grade students and their parents are also invited to attend.

How to create/choose projects for Science Fairs and Competitions?

The next season of science fairs and competitions is starting up for Middle School and High School students. Half the battle of being successful in these events is a good project idea that combines innovation, real-world relevance, social impact, and is doable. How does one select these projects?

AIClub students have done hundreds of projects, including many that won competitions from science fairs to international innovation competitions. In this webinar we discuss how to come up with a good project idea:
- Where to look for inspiration
- How to determine whether your idea is both new and impactful
- How to determine whether you can do the project in a reasonable amount of time with the resources that you have available.

Middle School students, High School students, and parents are invited to attend.

How to deliver a winning competition pitch!

Online event

Have you taken many coding classes and maybe even some AI classes? Feel that you have skills but are not quite sure how to put them into practice in a project or a competition? AIClub has a lot of experience in training middle school and high school students to do award-winning projects. Our students have scored 18 wins in national and international competitions in the last two years alone - including most recently the Grand Prize at Technovation Girls (chosen from over 1700 competitors). In this webinar, we share our learnings on how middle schoolers and high schoolers can create winning competition projects and pitches. You will also hear from some of our winners on what they learned about successfully pitching.

Middle school and high school students and their parents are welcome to attend.

Build an AI-powered website!

Online event

A website is a great way to launch a project, a non-profit organization, or just get external users to test out an innovation! In this webinar, we show middle school and high school students how to build their own website containing an AI-powered app. We will build a simple AI-powered app - a chatbot, and connect it to a website. Students will learn how to customize their website to add their own content, and how to connect it to a domain. We will also showcase other websites created by kids - for inspiration and ideas. The websites attendees create will be externally accessible and can be shared with friends, family, peers, and teachers.

Middle school and high school students and their parents are welcome to attend.

Past events (17)

AIClub 2021 Student Research Symposium

Online event

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