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This group will be for training software programmers, data scientists and enthusiasts in the fundamentals and application of artificial intelligence.

For details on the training sessions, see details here: https://github.com/andrewferlitsch/Portland... (https://github.com/andrewferlitsch/Portland-Data-Science-Group/blob/master/Presentations/AI%20Training%20Syllabus.pptx)

My background. I have been a research scientist for 20 years and have a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

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TensorFlow Summit Recap

Vacasa (New Facility)

This is a joint meetup with the TensorFlow-Northwest group https://www.meetup.com/TensorFlow-Northwest Amazing new advancements in TensorFlow and its ecosystem were revealed at the Summit early March, and we’re bringing it all back home to you. Hannes Hapke, author of the popular "NLP in Action" and Caravel VP of Engineering (@hanneshapke), and Al Kari, CEO of Manceps (@alkari) will highlight key developments and walk you through the latest and hottest new features in TensorFlow 2.0 and TensorFlow Extended (TFX).

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AI/ML day long Conference for CV/NLP

Oxford Suites Jantzen Beach

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