AI Unconference GX #3 - Women in AI & Tech - do we need to fight prejudice?

This is a past event

18 people went

Price: £12.50 /per person

The Bull Hotel

Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross · Bucks SL9 7PA

How to find us

Dont trust the Map - use Hotel Postcode: SL9 7PA - The Bull Hotel

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7:00 pm Registration, networking and nibbles
7:30 pm - start
9:30 pm - end

• INTRO - Male vs Female In Tech - Becky Sarson

• Hyde Park Corner Debate
This format takes a central theme or question and has two speakers debate for and against – in our case male vs female roles in tech. At the outset, the participants are polled to measure their opinion on the topic. Following the debate, they are polled again to see how many are now in favour or against. The winner of the debate is the speaker who caused the most audience members to change their votes.

• Debate Topic: There is no need for the divide in gender roles to be addressed within the tech industry

Facilitator: Sonia Aste

Proposer (Becky and Paul): Focusing on gender divides and not skill set increases pressure on tech companies to hire inappropriate staff. Less women simply chose to follow this path.

Opposition (Joe and Diane): Gender divides are cultivated by social norms and industry bias. Cultural change is key to closing the divide

Audience to be polled on the following at the beginning of the session and at the end to judge the ‘winning team’

Question: Do you believe there is a gender gap that needs addressing in tech?

• Segment tbc - by Sonia Aste

• Personal Introspective
Personal introspective is a session where attendees privately reflect on their answers to five questions – these 5 questions will lead in to Leela’s resilience and self-limiting beliefs session. All attendees write their answers down. They then have an opportunity, but not an obligation, to share their answers with the group.

• Resilience and self-limiting beliefs in females - Leela Bassi

• Solution Room - Nick Horslen
Throughout the sessions we will have identified a number of topics / Issues that require solving. These will be partly from the Hyde Park Corner debate and partly from the discussions during the session.

This will be run as a fishbowl, with 4 people sat up front discussing how they can solve a selected topic from the flipchart.

Attendees will then be able to add their ideas, and thoughts into the mix to develop the ideas and solutions further.

The idea is to begin to explore ways we can solve some of the big issues with the disparities in gender across tech industries – GO LADIES!!!


• What we'll do
The last meeting AIGX#2 was a blast. In fact, Becky Sarson blew us away with her session and we were determined to get her back. This time she will run the show and we have some great ideas bubbling away. Some initial discussion points for the pot include:

- The whole male v female, inherent biases and lack of diversity can be found in the people and the data that is being used to build and train AI. Do we need to worry?
- Women in Tech, are the odds stacked against them. Should we care?

The above are all hot topics and let's have the discussions. The beauty of an unconference is the fact that the participants can and do shape the conversations.

Our job is to set the scene and to kick things off. To help us we have a great line up:

Becky Sarson - Entrepreneur in the Tech and Health Space
Leela Bassi - Entrepreneur, keynote speaker and adventurer
Sonia Aste - Standup comedian who is just back from an AI gig on a boat.

• What to bring
Ideas, questions and be ready to join in. This event is about you.

• Important to know
Be prepared to abandon the notion of powerpoint slides. We learn best when we start talking to each other.

** Please RSVP via, there is a fee of £12.50 to keep this non-profit and to cover venue costs.