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What we’re about

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, foster learning, and encourage the sharing of ideas revolving around the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence!

Are you curious about AI? Do you dream of creating smart solutions that can revolutionize our lives? Or perhaps you are already a skilled practitioner and you want to expand your horizons? No matter where you are on your AI journey, our meetup group is the perfect platform for you!

Our events range from hands-on workshops and live coding sessions to insightful talks by leading AI experts. Whether it's discussing the latest breakthroughs, brainstorming on innovative AI projects, or learning from real-world case studies, we provide a space for vibrant intellectual exchange.

But we are not just about code and algorithms! We are a welcoming community where you can meet like-minded enthusiasts, expand your network, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, or simply have fascinating discussions over a cup of coffee.

So whether you're an AI expert, a tech enthusiast, a researcher, a student, or just AI-curious, "Artificial Intelligence, Warsaw" has something to offer you! Dive into the world of AI with us and let's shape the future together. It's time to turn the sparks of your curiosity into the flames of knowledge and innovation.

Join us today and embark on this amazing journey of learning, sharing, and growing together in the exciting world of AI!

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