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We arrange events that support artists, makers and creators build resilience within their creative practice. We select subjects and speakers that offer insights, inspiration and solutions to some of the most common challenges faced, and there is an opportunity to share and learn through hearing others issues and celebrate their success stories.

We are a community of more than 1000 artists who, together can provide invaluable insights and information across all aspects of running a creative practice and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle from unique and hand made work. We provide the basis for you to make informed decisions, so that you feel confident to move forward and understand the choices available, based on your own situation..

We know that connecting the right people together creates a positive and strong community, and within this all can benefit from working in collaboration and support. Together we can help identify the systems and processes which will simplify and streamline the burden of business administration at an individual level, and provide release for you to focus on creativity.

Within our website we have an online gallery which enables you to showcase your work. We help you to bring the world to your work.

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Come, gather, listen, share and be inspired.

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