Shinjuku Vol. 55; for everyone who create your own work 【もくもくアート会】

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We are mainly open on Thursday evening.

Let's create our own work there, whatever we want. Some paint in watercolors, and others make a sketch with a pencil or charcoal.


Date and Time: May 23th (Thurs.), 2019

Working Hours: 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
- You can come and leave when you want.
- We talk and share with each other about what we created during work time from 9:15 p.m. for around 5 to 10 minutes.

What to bring: What you create, drawing materials.
- If you use paint-colors, please bring used newspapers and towels to prevent desk and floors from being stained.
- You can bring your own food and drinks if you like.

Attendance Fee:
Visitor 1,300 JPY
Member 1000 JPY(A book of 4 tickets: 4000 JPY, valid for 3 months)
-As for member tickets, if you cancel on the day of meetup two times, we charge you a cancellation fee of 1000 JPY. When you buy a new book, the counter is reset.

Place: PNE HOUSE SHINJYUKU TEJIMAYA Itsukushima Bldg. 4F (いつくしまビル4F 手嶋屋)[masked] Nishi Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: 7 min. from East Exit of Shinjuku Station


The place in SHINJUKU is relatively small, when many people come, we share our table with each other. If you prefer spacious room, please come to IKEBUKURO.

Let's exhibit our work together some day in the future if you like!

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・18時45分頃 開場。


ビジター参加料 1300円(税込)

【場所】ピーネハウス新宿(東京都新宿区西新宿[masked] 厳島ビル4F)
新宿駅 西口地下改札から徒歩7分

【定員】最大8名くらい。人数が多い場合はテーブルをシェアします。 場所を広く使われたい方は、前もってご相談いただくか池袋会場でご一緒しましょう。

いつかチームのように何かともにできればとも考えております。 末永くおつきあいください。

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