What we're about

Who should join: Artists who believe they are Entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurs who believe they are Artists.

Artists who make a living from selling their Art are Entrepreneurs; Artists who are trying to make a living by selling their Art are Start-ups; Entrepreneurs who are Innovators, bringing new products and services to the marketplace to disrupt

This group is especially for you if you've read Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham, or anything by Pau; and/or the writing of Seth Godin you know what I mean. Bonus if you've read Clayton Christensen's The innovator's dilemma and its sequel The Innovator's Solution. Also, The War on Art (Steven Pressfield) and Ignore Everybody (Hugh MacLeod).

This meetup is a place for inspiration, cross-pollination, exchanging of Ideas, sounding board, intriguing conversation and more.

This meetup is not a place where to sell your good or services, so no soliciting nor SPAM whatsoever.

Keywords: Mastermind, Strategy, Art, Artist, Collaborative, Salon des Arts, Shipping, Start-up, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Dada, Renaissance, Marketing, Ventures, Manifesto.

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