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Artists and people who appreciate any form of art and are looking forward to meet other like minded people in an open forum regularly, this platform will provide you resources to do so and even more. Here, you can share your art, work, passion, stories and build connects and make new like minded friends.

What is Artkhoj?

It is a platform which revolves around exploring the world of artists, and letting artists explore the world of art. There are many artists wanting to share their work and story with many other like-minded people and also wanting to connect and work with them.

We at Artkhoj help them with the same.

Through our platform, we also help artists to build and grow their profile by connecting them to various opportunities which suits them.

So if you are looking forward to meet artistically aligned people and to get more opportunities in the areas your like, then be part of our community.

How can you be part of us?

Pick your phone and call us. We would be so happy to interact with you and get to know your talent

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We also organize workshops to learn different kind of arts and interact with new people in those workshops.

We organize unique get togethers of like-minded people to share their stories and passion with others and many more.

What is different about all these activities and experiences we organize?

All of these involves meeting new people offline to build connects, to share the talent with each other, to improve the social interaction and to have some fun apart from the hectic and busy schedules of our lives.

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Mystic Minstrel - An Online Baul Storytelling Workshop

Online event


Join us for a very interesting and engaging Baul storytelling workshop by one of the most recognized women Baul performer in the world, Parvathy Baul. The following will be included in the workshop: 1) Introduction to Baul as a folk form of Storytelling 2) Experiencing the Baul Storytelling through Parvathy's magical, mystic performance 3) Guiding participants into the 'Honey Gathering' process where Body, Mind and Voice work in unison. Who can attend: Storytellers, theatre artists, educators, speakers or anyone with an interest in the art of storytelling. About the facilitator: Parvathy Baul is a practitioner, performer and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She is also an instrumentalist, storyteller and painter. In February 2019, she was conferred Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, by Government of India for her contribution to the ancient Baul tradition. She has performed in over forty countries, including such prestigious concert halls and music festivals as the Noh Theater in Kyoto, the World Music Center in New York City, and the Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez, Morocco. Parvathy’s technical virtuosity – her mastery of vocal pitch and tone while playing multiple instruments and dancing – has been lauded by music experts. The depth of her mesmerising performance is rooted in her deep spiritual practice, and is described by critics as “riveting” and “spellbinding.” Parvathy is a tireless advocate for both preservation and renewal of the tradition, frequently using her international reputation to highlight other, lesser-known master performers, and is making systematic training in traditional Baul arts available to women on a scale that has never occurred previously. She is the founder of Tantidhatri, an international women’s performance festival, and cofounder of the Ekathara Kalari school in Kerala, India for training in both song and traditional spiritual practice. About the workshop -The workshop will be conducted online -Details to join the workshop will be sent through email a day before. -No prior experience is required to attend the workshop. -Details to join online will be shared on the day of the workshop through email. When: 26th September Time: 3-5 PM IST Online on Zoom Registration link here: https://events.artkhoj.com/ParvathyBaulWorkshop Contact us on [masked] for any queries.

Prarambh - A Journey into Kathak - An Online Workshop

Online event


Kathak is an Indian classical dance form whose roots lie in the travelling bards of ancient North India. Kathak explores multiple sides of a dancer’s mind- slow and subtle movements fast and rigorous footwork swift chakkars (pirouettes) and storytelling through the art form. About the workshop: Manasa Joshi aims to touch and establish the basics of these elements in the form of this two days initiatory workshop where all you avid and curious dance lovers can take that one leap to explore the stepping stones that form this vast art form. Who can participate: It is open for anyone with a little spark of excitement and eagerness to explore new forms of dance and art. Workshop details: -It is a 2-day workshop and will be conducted online on Zoom. -The details to join online will be shared on the day of the workshop through email. -Please be in Indian wear for the workshop. (Preferably legging and kurta) -Date: 26th and 27th September (Both days) -Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST (each day) Registration link here: https://events.artkhoj.com/manasakathakworkshopbyArtkhoj For queries: Feel free to contact us on[masked] for any queries.

Music Production Fundamentals - 4 weekend online course

Online event


The Open Music School has put together a 4 weekend intensive interactive online course over the weekends on the fundamentals of music production. Kick-start your music production journey with absolutely no prior experience or expensive gear coming into this course. Who is this for? - Instrumentalists and vocalists looking to learn about all the other elements that go behind making a song complete. - Passionate music listeners interested in exploring all the nuances that are incorporated in the music production process. - Audio engineers and composers who want to train their ears and sharpen their musicality. Million-dollar studios acoustic treatment specific plug-ins and software - there are a hundred myths when it comes to producing music. This weekend crash-course will show you that you can make a ‘radio-ready’ song with just a laptop and a pair of earphones/headphones from the comfort of your homes. About the course - -> All sessions will be conducted online (26th September to 18th October, weekends only) -> Sessions on 26th 27th September 3rd 4th 10th 11th 17th & 18th October -> Every class will be recorded for future reference. -> No prior experience, no DAW or software specific. -> Assignments and projects every weekend. -> Constant interaction with the tutor throughout the week. -> We will send the joining details 2 days before the session starts. Course Curriculum - Week 1 : (26th & 27th September) - Genres in music - Time signatures and note values - Song structure and arrangement - Ear training - Signal chain and signal flow Week 2 : (3rd & 4th October) - Basics of the DAW - MIDI and Drum programming - Quantizing - Note velocity and MIDI editing Week 3 : (10th & 11th October) - Session prep - Clean-up and sorting the tracks - Groups and bussing - Editing Week 4 : (17th & 18th October) - Introduction to mixing - Introduction to plug-ins - Group and buss processing - Introduction to mastering - Social media, promotions and branding About The Open Music School (TOMS): The Open Music School from Bangalore is a mobile on-the-go music school that came into existence for the sole reason of making music learning more affordable and accessible. After mentoring over 800 students across 6 different countries, it is safe to say that the TOMS' (The Open Music School) method of approaching music education is not only efficient and tested... but is also getting better by the day as we continue to rope in numerous talented and extraordinary musicians to be a part of the TOMS family. __ Registration link here: https://events.artkhoj.com/musicproductionfundamentals For queries: In case of any queries feel free to reach out to us on [masked] Please note: Registration once done will not be refunded back.

Ramayana, Connecting the Dots - Online Storytelling Performance

Online event


We bring you an unexplored journey of the epic which must have been heard many times but not understood fully, The Ramayana. Ramayana, one of the greatest epics that India is proud of, tells us the way of life. While Ramayana has been explored in all its glory by many, Lavanya Prasad tries to bring to you the awe that she felt when she happened to connect the dots in the epic through the stories in Ramayana, some known and some rarely known that helped her see the bigger picture. To her, it is a never-ending journey and every time she revisits the stories, a new layer unfolds. She hopes to give you a similar experience through this series. __ In the first, second edition and the third editions, we explored stories mostly unknown that gave an insight into the divine play that unfolded beautifully to give us this great epic. In this session, she will be sharing stories about the friends who were the greatest helpers, without whom Ramayana would not have been possible. Who were they and what is their story? Join us on the 26th of September, 7 to 8 pm and we'll connect the dots together. If you had not attended the earlier sessions, do not worry there will be a prelude to the same. __ Takeaway from the session: The sessions are aimed at creating a spark in the minds of the listeners that will help them go and find more about what is being shared. This we believe will want you to go and find more about Ramayana and its characters. About the Artist: Lavanya Prasad is an electrical engineer turned professional storyteller who makes lasting beautiful connections through stories rather than electrical wires. She is the founder and master storyteller at Tale'scope, her storytelling organization, that trains children and adults in the art of using stories in their work, gives workshops and talks on various subjects in corporates and other organizations and performs in storytelling festivals across India and abroad. __ 26th September[masked] PM IST Online on Zoom Family Ticket: Rs 250 Registration link here: https://events.artkhoj.com/ramayanaedition4 Contact us on [masked] for any queries.

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