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Everyone can be their own healer. And the power of self-healing cannot be overlooked. This meetup group organizes sharing sessions and workshops on some of the self-healing modalities.

You are your own best healer.

Come forth and empower yourself with self-healing abilities. Heal thyself and realize your fullest potentials.

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Reiki 1 Beginner (Certified Workshop)

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Reiki is beneficial for everyone, and it is so simple to learn!

Some examples of benefits of Reiki healing:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Dramatically reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gives a sense of peace and calm
  • Improve physical, mental and emotional health

And the benefits apply to all living beings. Cool, right?

Reiki 1 is the foundation level for activating the Reiki flow in your hands for life. It is ideal for anyone wanting to help themselves or others to improve vitality and health, and achieve calmness and peace. This 2-days workshop teaches the traditional Usui Reiki which does not require any religious or spiritual background.

The workshop will be fun, informative and interactive with plenty of hands-on practice. Students will get to learn how to heal themselves and others, as well as animals and plants.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to Energy and Healing
  • Usui Reiki history and background
  • 4 Reiki Attunements
  • Balancing technique for the Chakra Energy system
  • Full body healing treatment
  • First aid treatment
  • Giving others a Reiki treatment
  • Giving Reiki to animals and plants
  • Intuitive Healing treatment

You will receive:

  • Reiki 1 Certificate
  • Workshop manual

Time: 10.30am to 6.30pm (2 days, total 12 hours)
Trainer: Joanne Thia, Reiki Master Teacher
Venue: Icon@Changi, 228 Changi Rd, S419741 (5 min walk from Eunos MRT)

Workshop Fee:

  • SGD450 or USD340

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Healing with Bach Flower Remedies (Certified Level 1 course)

Needs a location


Do you understand your own and others’ emotions and personalities?
Do you wish to have better emotional well-being and an inner peace of mind?
Do you wish to overcome stress, fears or other daily emotional challenges?

Learn all about human emotions and personalities in a simple and fun way, and how to achieve emotional balance and well-being using Bach Flower Remedies. And you can help your loved ones, animals and plants with that too.

Bach Flower Remedies are 'medicines' for the emotions that aim to heal and balance any negative states of mind. Through this pure and simple healing modality, everyone can find their own path of peace and wholeness in their lives.

During the two-days course, you will learn about:
• Human emotions and personalities
• All the 38 Bach Flower Remedies
• How to select and use the remedies to heal yourself and your loved ones, as well as animals and plants
• Basics such as how and when to take the remedies
• History of Dr. Edward Bach and his philosophy of healing

You will receive:
• Level 1 Certificate issued by The Bach Centre
• Handouts & Course Materials
• Your own customized Bach Flower Remedies Mixture

Time: 10.00am to 6.45pm (2 days)
Trainer: Joanne Thia, Bach Centre Approved Teacher
Venue: Icon@Changi, 228 Changi Rd, S419741 (5 min walk from Eunos MRT)

Course Fee:

  • SGD450 or USD337

Special Promotion:
First person to sign up for the course would get to enjoy the special promotion of inviting another person to attend the course at 50% discount off his/her course fee. Sign up soon to beat the queue!

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Reiki 2 Advanced (Certified Workshop)

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Reiki 2 is for those who wish to advance their Reiki flow, send Reiki over distance and time, and to develop alternatives uses of the Reiki energy. This advanced level has to be taken at least 2 months after Level 1. This period of time is essential for regular Reiki self-healing to ensure your energy is high. Reiki at this advanced level requires the use of mental energy and as a result can be draining for those who have not been regularly practising Reiki self-healing.

In this 2-days workshop, a second degree attunement is given and the following 3 symbols are taught for the practitioner to use as tools to bring their Reiki practice to the next level.

• The Empowerment symbol – increases Reiki flow as though ‘funnelling’ the energy to maximize flow rate and power. Also empowers other energy fields.

• The Harmony symbol – allows Reiki to be ‘wrapped’ around other energy fields and environments to increase harmony eg. harmonising homes, other people, incidents, for improved energy vibrations. The symbol is also used to increase communicative powers, and intuition.

• The Sending symbol – like an IDD number, this symbol allows Reiki to be sent to different energy fields whether they be other locations (both geographical or time), other energy incidents, internal blocks or emotional energy systems etc. This is a very powerful source of personal growth as the practitioner can directly tune into issues and fix them on the casual plane.​

You will receive:

  • Reiki 2 Certificate issued by The Reiki Centre
  • Workshop manual

Time: 10.30am to 6.30pm (2 days, total 12 hours)
Trainer: Joanne Thia, Reiki Master Teacher
Venue: Icon@Changi, 228 Changi Rd, S419741 (5 min walk from Eunos MRT)

Workshop Fee:

  • SGD510 or USD388

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