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Yale carillon come on down if you don't mind the soggy ground!!!!

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Yale carillOn, come on down if you don't mind the soggy ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Carillon Concert Series at Yale


come and picnic with us...

Every summer, the Guild organizes a Summer Concert Series where we invite carillonneurs from around the world and the United States to come to Yale to perform.

Performing tonight:

Stephen Hall '14 and Katie Leiby '14, Yale Summer Carillonneurs

All concerts begin at 7.00 pm and last approximately one hour. They are free and open to the public.

Listening space is available "in Branford Courtyard " at 6:30 pm. Enter by way of High Street - Harkness is at 74 High Street. You may also enter by way of York Street between Chapel and Elm Streets, down a walkway between Yale buildings. Students are available to direct you in to the concert area. Look for the Black and White Balloons in the courtyard.

Audience members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and picnic dinners to the listening area.

What is a carillon?

A carillon is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 bells, tuned in chromatic sequence. It is played from a console that resembles a simple organ, with batons (for the hands) and pedals (for the feet). These keys move the clappers (metal ball) that strike and sound the bells, which remain stationary. This set-up allows the carillonneur to play with great dynamic expression. For more information, see a brief history and technical discussion ( on the GCNA website.

Remember...meters are running until 9:00 now. There is parking after 4:30 for free at lot 51 on Temple street, with a 2 block walk. There are also several garages within a short distance.... (York/Chapel Garage).


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