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Jose Luis Nunez - Meet the Artist

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Join us to meet this talented Artist and hear him speak about his creative process.

Jose Luis Nunez - Meet the Artist

Jose Luis Nunez is a painter who enjoys conveying color and the vibrations of light and shade. Color symbolizes life and radiant plenitude in his paintings. Nunez often paints with oils and acrylics allowing for thick layers of paint and the inclusion of tangible brush strokes.

He paints a broad range of topics that reflect his varied interests. The fascination of the effects of light on the painting subjects is what brought him to paint, making the presence of light and shade a leading element in his work.

Whenever possible, Nunez prefers to work directly from his subject. He goes out-of-doors to make plein air paintings. When creating paintings in situ, he works on a smaller scale. Sometimes these small paintings, along with accompanying photographs of the site, become source material for his larger works, creating a layered process that combines elements of experience, sketching, photography and memory.

Born in Mexico City, José Luis began painting at the age of thirteen, followed by studies in Art and Philosophy in Spain, Italy and Mexico. He studied Painting and Metal engraving on a graduate level at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has exhibited in more than 40 shows in different countries, including individual and group exhibitions in the United States, Brazil (2000-2002), Argentina (1999), Costa Rica (1998) and Mexico.

Jose Luis Nunez also devotes time to art education holding periodic workshops in his studio. Jose Luis is an associate member of Oil Painters of America. After living in Brazil for three years, he moved to the USA. He currently lives and works in Danbury, Connecticut.

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