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A Pasadena group to empower participants to engage in self-discussion for self-discovery, exploration, and expression through the experiencing of hypnosis for personal and spiritual growth and art classes in wire wrapping stone pendants. Learn about the metaphysical properties of stones and their healing powers, create a pendant with the stone of your choice, using beautiful wire wrapping techniques. Learn a new wire wrapping technique in each class. Taught at Dual Crossroads in South Pasadena beginning in May 2019. Leave with a unique work of art that could bring joy for lifetimes.

Spiritual Hypnosis & Past Life Regression experiences may have many benefits for your spiritual growth and/or personal development. Each group session is focused on personal or spiritual development or both through the use of both Spiritual Hypnosis and/or Past life Regression Hypnosis, Age and Womb Regression, Parts Therapy, Guided Relaxation & Inner-Child Work.

With the use of Hypnotherapy, increase your awareness of your wise-self, spiritual-self, higher-self and/or a higher-power, explore past life memories, Increase self-love & your tolerance for happiness. Become more aware of your successes both big and small, in this lifetime & in other lifetimes. You can learn as much from your accomplishments as you can from your mistakes. Everybody, every lifetime, has had many of both. Retrieve & learn to apply, wisdom, talents & abilities from your past experiences.

With Spiritual Hypnosis, get in touch with the spiritual aspects of your self, connect with your spirit guides, spirit group, council, angels, god, or the universe(s). Some people have spiritual insights or revelations, they come to possess a deeper understanding, or a spiritual knowing, or a spiritual awareness that comes from deep within themselves. Explore your spiritual existence & purpose. You are invited to open your heart and soul to the beauty, truth, and wisdom reverberating & resounding within.

Learn more about me at: https://www.rnrwithin.com/experience-training

Stephanie Carper-Smith


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