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Create Your Purpose - Write & Explore 5 week class

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Create the life you imagine - ignite your passion!

Thursdays 6:30 - 9 pm - September 12 - October 10, 2013

at Jules' Poetry Playhouse - 1814 Old Town Road NW Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104

Have FUN with PLAY and creativity -

Rise up to your purpose with power and play!

For five weeks we will stir up passions, imagine and build your artistic dreams and help you focus on living your life the way that you imagine it to be. We will focus on specific goals, career-wise and personal to connect your personal vision to your life and to keep your focus on play and passion. You will learn how to identify the particular issues and goals that are of significance to you with exercises in class, and also how to sustain your focus, no matter what happens along the way. (drawing, collage, visualization, writing exercises, questioning of emotional patterns and 'getting unstuck' are a few of the exercises we use). You will also gain useful tools to help you keep going after the class is over. Individual exercises and group (always optional) sharing and support. If you feel you need some extra support to get where you want to go, or to figure out where you want to go with the next stage your life, this class is for you. This class is especially focused on writers and artists, however it is open to anyone!

Class dates: Thursdays - 6:30 - 9 pm September 12 - October 10, 2013

5 weeks

Location: Jules Poetry Playhouse - 1814 Old Town Road NW, Albuquerque

Jules is a certified trainer for Power of Purpose sessions as part of the More to Life non-profit organization. This class is based on those concepts.

$165 for 5 weeks
check, credit card or pay pal
TO REGISTER: e mail me at

Jules' Poetry Playhouse1814 Old Town Road NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104View Map · Get Directions.
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Create Your Purpose! Write and...Post.
It's a GO! Room for more!
Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · 5 hours ago near AlbuquerqueJohn Roche and Robin Kalinich like this..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist
Please let me know if you are a maybe or thinking about this. I need two more confirmations or will have to cancel. This is a fun, exciting and creative way to help you create your life as you imagine.

Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · August 25 at 4:45pm near Albuquerque.Robin Kalinich Hey, Jules - if you end up having to cancel, no worries. I'll keep my eye out and definitely attend next time. :)September 2 at 8:11pm via mobile · Like..Jules Nyquist I will let you know for sure in the next few days.September 2 at 9:00pm via mobile · Like..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist
If you are thinking of this class let me know. I can hold you a spot. Also need a couple more people for a minimum number for it to go for sure. Bring a friend!

Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · August 17 at 9:24am near Rochester, NY.Robin Kalinich likes this..View 1 more comment..Jules Nyquist Yes Robin! Spread the word :)August 17 at 6:09pm via mobile · Like..More Ink Done!August 17 at 7:20pm · Unlike · 1..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist
"I'd like to change conditions in the world. But, I have to put out the cat." K. Bradford Brown - ah, so true!
Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · July 26 at 7:21pm near AlbuquerqueRobin Kalinich, Terry Cone Roche and 2 others like this..Terry Cone Roche Boy, does that say it all. (and the dog)July 27 at 9:13am · Unlike · 1..
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.Options.Gretchen Schulz is going.
Perhaps you might do an online class sometime?

Like · ·Unfollow Post · July 26 at 9:45pmJules Nyquist Intriguing idea!July 26 at 11:54pm via mobile · Like..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist
Looking forward to this exciting journey with everyone!
Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · July 26 at 7:19pm near AlbuquerqueWrite a comment....Options.Robin Kalinich is going.
Hi, Jules! I'm in!
Unlike · ·Unfollow Post · July 24 at 11:22pmYou like this..Jules Nyquist great! I messaged you. I'll send you all the details!July 26 at 7:19pm · Like..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist updated the event photo.
. Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share · July 20 at 7:27am.John Roche likes this..Jules Nyquist poppies in Old TownJuly 20 at 7:30am · Like · 1..
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.Options.Jules Nyquist created the event.
Like · ·Unfollow Post · July 20 at 7:20amWillie Teng and John Roche like this..
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