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RPG One Shot, Holiday
OVERVIEW: A session to see another style of play, meet other players, and potential to form a sandbox group. Players can expect some story, interweaving, and combat (oral and tactical). There is the possibility to start a campaign from this session or follow-up 1 shot. PLAYER OBJECTIVE: Players will be generally pro-group action, but time will be allotted for independent player action that the group will need to solve or rectify. GM OBJECTIVES: See my style of play and system. SINGLE SESSION PLAY: The focus is on players, character world interaction, and accommodating new or experienced players from various systems. Flowing logic will be used to guide gameplay and rules. Encounters and story is holiday themed. SYSTEM: Modified ruleset to support strong holiday themed characters on a holiday themed adventure. CHARACTERS(5): Pre-generated characters available, but we can do a semi-gen where you tell me the style of character you wish to play, and I will generate it conceptually. Written backstory not necessary, but your character flavor, intent, and purpose are encouraged . Character sheets provided. FILLER SPOTS(2): A filler will be up to 2 people that would like to attend and watch for any amount of time to see the system. The might be able to play out NPC's (insignificant or moderately significant), roll and direct monsters, or play a PC if another player fails to show. TOOLS, TERRAIN, AND MINIATURES: Handouts, secret notes, and 65" TV displays to be utilized. Miniatures (provided) will be in use for some of the session. Dwarven Forge Castles and City terrain for a valley port castle and town. I have a very extensive collection larger than the setup in this pic from the internet. I've never setup my castle system yet, so I don't have my own picture. Dice available if needed. HOUSE RULES: No 420 or smelling like it. No under the influence although light drinking (1-2) will be allowed. No personally derogatory attacks. Check religion, politics, and flagrant cursing at the door. Adult themes and language possible. Joking and humor encouraged although not to the point of ongoing distraction. No smoking or smelling of smoke. THIS SESSION RULES: No attacking other players. No apocalyptic character decisions (treat it like you would "prefer" and "likely" to live on for another adventure). Propose mechanical ideas, thoughts, and rules or challenge if desired, but GM has final say. FOOD: chips, light snacks, and pop will be provided. You may bring non-messy food (ie. avoid bringing BBQ, etc). If you intend to bring something for the group, please note in the comments. QUESTIONS: post in comments, message me, or arrange to chat over the phone or in person. RSVP: You should contact me after or prior to your rsvp. If you rsvp and aren't communicative, you will be removed or relegated to a "filler" spot.

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