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This group is for those wanting to play various styles or versions of fantasy RPG events hosted within Arvada. It is reasonable for others to post or request players for events outside of Arvada, but posted events will be within Arvada. Below you can find details about the system I created and am looking to Kickstarter.

CHARACTER BUILD: Mechanics broken into base class and 2 sub-classes resulting in 4000+ class combinations translating into a higher degree of playability, creativity, and variability.

ROLLING: A D30 system, D30 dice provided, with character driven special bonuses; Boom(30) and Gloom rolls(1), Trigger rolls (29, 28-29, 27-29, etc), and fail rolls (2-4, 2-5, 2-6).

MAGIC: Arcana and Universal spell foundations each have 7 spell paths, Dismal spell foundation has 3 spell paths, the Sacred foundation has 4 different deity spell paths with 1 unique deity powers path. There is also a totem power path. Mysteria foundation has 3 power paths of mental powers. There is the core 4 Elementalist and the tri-elementalist that has access to Fusion elements foundation.

UNIQUES: There is a create your own creature for the morph and companion subclasses. Diverse, but simple armor build using body armor, shields, and helms. Subclass ability choices drive same character build differentiation also.

RULES: Simple system, where character builds drive many rules and the game master imparts many ways to flavor mechanics depending on circumstances and story.

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Fantasy RPG Campaign "Mutable Direction" Session 17

Scott's House

SESSION: #17 Sail forth! OVERVIEW: More story and character objective oriented with a rules light style where character development drives rules and I add flavor to situations. PLAY OPENINGS: none projected. OBSERVER OPENINGS: Possible for this session to join a new campaign. PLAYER OBJECTIVE: Players will be generally pro-group action, but time will be allotted for independent player action that the group will need to solve or rectify. GM OBJECTIVES: Mutual Fun. GM focus is to present challenges rather than try to kill players. PC Death is possible. SYSTEM: A D30 system, D30 dice provided, that is versatile, creating deeper character concept, and design integration. DROP-IN PLAYERS: Not available for this session. TOOLS, TERRAIN, AND MINIATURES: Handouts, secret notes, and 65" TV displays to be utilized. Miniatures (provided) will be in use for some of the session. Dwarven Forge Castles and City terrain for a valley port castle and town. I have a very extensive collection larger than the setup in this pic from the internet. I've never setup my castle system yet, so I don't have my own picture. Dice available if needed. HOUSE RULES: No 420 or smelling like it. No under the influence although light drinking (1-2) will be allowed. No personally derogatory attacks. Check religion, politics, and flagrant cursing at the door. Adult themes and language possible. Joking and humor encouraged although not to the point of ongoing distraction. No smoking or smelling of smoke. THIS SESSION RULES: No attacking other players. No apocalyptic character decisions (treat it like you would "prefer" and "likely" to live on for another adventure). Propose mechanical ideas, thoughts, and rules or challenge if desired, but GM has final say. FOOD: chips, light snacks, and pop will be provided. You may bring non-messy food (ie. avoid bringing BBQ, etc). If you intend to bring something for the group, please note in the comments. QUESTIONS: post in comments, message me, or arrange to chat over the phone or in person. RSVP: You should contact me after or prior to your rsvp. If you rsvp and aren't communicative, you will be removed or relegated to a "filler" spot.

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