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Have you heard the Norse Gods calling to you? Did you watch the TV show Vikings, and feel like you've come home? Are you interested in learning more about Odin and Thor then you can find in a Marvel movie? Do you want to learn about the runes?

Nache Odinsvin is an Ordained Gothi (priest) in Asatru. He has been studying the Norse Pantheon for many years. Asatru (being true to the Asier - a "family of Gods) has been called "the religion with homework". And there is much to learn and share.

You won't need to give up your religion to attend - just be interested in learning and teaching others about what you have learned. Each week we will "assign" some topic for independent study and return to share our knowledge with each other. Be prepared to learn a bit of magic, spirituality and have fun!

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How do we know what we know about the old Norse?

Fletcher Free Library - Community Room

Our First Meeting!

Fletcher Free Library - Community Room

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