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On-going FREE WORKSHOPS around the world open to all seekers of Truth.

* Learn about your individualized God Presence "I AM" which is your Divine Self and how to connect with it for guidance
* Learn about the Ascended Masters (for example: Saint Germain, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed,Krishna) who incarnated on earth to assist humankind with reconnecting to their Divine Source.
* Learn the immutable 'Laws of Life', for example the 'Law of the Circle' where everything that you put out will return back to you. Also called 'Cause and Effect' or Karma where you reap as you sow. Far better to send out Love so that Love will return back to you.
* Learn about the use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Forgiveness and Freedom. This awareness has been brought again to humanity by the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, as a means for humanity to transmute the karma that we have created over eons of lifetimes and set ourselves finally free, and assist the Earth during this time of planetary change.

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"I AM" Teachings by the Ascended Masters - FREE WORKSHOP

“I AM” THE BRIDGE TO SPIRITUAL FREEDOM Connecting with our Divine Source FREE 2-DAY WORKSHOPS IN: PINELANDS - 19th & 20th OCTOBER 2019 NOORDHOEK - 9th & 10th NOVEMBER 2019 PAARL - 23rd & 24th NOVEMBER 2019 Saturday 8.45 Registration 9:00am till 15:30 Workshop Sunday 09:00am till 13.30 Workshop (upon confirmation of attendance a Course Outline is send giving more details and the address) Facilitator: Anthea +27 (0)[masked] – WhatsApp/SMS [masked] WEBSITE: www.iamfree.co.za Free e-Books: https://iamfree.co.za/free-books Limited Hard copy books will be for sale at cost Small donations may be asked to cover the cost of the venue All information is from the Ascended Masters, who are perfected Beings that have reached the Ascended State and are assisting humanity, and all life on Earth, to reach our next step on the evolutionary path and our ultimate goal of Freedom, the Ascension, which we ALL have to reach one day. Only we can free ourselves by controlling our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and by INVOKING the Sacred Fire through our “I AM” Presence to transmute wrong habits and desires, and redeem our karma of lifetimes! To start on this journey, we need the knowledge of our own individualized “I AM” Presence, and to learn again the immutable Universal Laws of Life, and to then to apply these Laws and methods shared with us by Those that are Ascended. “I AM” THE BRIDGE TO SPIRITUAL FREEDOM Workshop: 1. Opens the door to knowledge of our “I AM” Presence & the fundamental Truths and Laws of Life, thereby creating a BRIDGE between the human and the Divine. 2. Methods of invoking the Sacred Fire so we can free ourselves from past karma and purify our 4 earthly bodies 3. Teaches us the Ways of Light, The Universal Laws and shows us how to cooperate with the Ascended Hosts, Elementals and Angels to restore Earth to her original pristine beauty and perfection. 4. Explains how our worlds are a mathematically accurate reflection of our past thoughts, feelings, words and actions, in this life and all past lives, and the tools to co-create a beautiful harmonious future, and reach our Ascension, which is our Divine Destiny. Further study and application is essential for results Please RSVP ANTHEA via SMS, EMAIL or PHONE to book a place. More information and the COURSE OUTLINE will be sent to those attending.

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