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Live, and (deliberately) create, from a state of total connectedness with ALL that you are. Explore the wild potential and fun perspectives that arise when concepts like Oneness, parallel realities, or (that quiet rebel) Unconditional Love get applied to daily life. Enjoy the channeled, energy-shifting, mind-opening processes that help you access (or totally unite with) your "higher" consciousness in meaningful ways. Meet others who are as passionate about doing this as you are. Expand and thrive!

Your group organizer is the lively speaker and channel, Tara Lynn Lee. Your fellow group members are walkin', talkin', divine lights just like you, and we're here to have fun together, grow together, love and laugh together, and bust free of old limitations together!

If you aren't totally convinced that ALL your worries can dissolve when you access the infinite wisdom within yourself, and that ascension is worth actively pursuing, then perhaps this group will convince you. If you want to experience more of that infinite wisdom and creative power you that possess, well then that's kinda the whole point of this meetup group. And if you have yet to explore the fun of creating your (fabulous, magic, rewarding) life from that state of being... oh wow... this is gonna be gooood!

Practicalities: Group events are normally FREE to attend, though donations are accepted (to cover costs, and/or if that's how you are inspired to express gratitude). Most events will be held at a venue near the west end of Bow Trail because that's the area where I (Tara) live and the easier the logistics are, the more events I can hold. I'd like to organize some events in other parts of town too, and at different times of day to accommodate more people. How realistic that is depends on how big this group gets (and how soon), how strong attendance is, etc. etc. As I write this, the group is brand new so I'm just going off of experience I gained running a Law of Attraction group for 4 years. I'll play it by ear with this new group and see what we can do. :)

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Ascend & Create- Group Energy Session

West Springs Co-op

Any role for the ego as we move to higher dimensions?

West Springs Co-op

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