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Humanity, as a civilization, is evolving because we reside on a planet that is attaining her fifth-dimensional resonance within our solar system and galaxy. Through the power of meditation, raising your vibrations, sacred geometry, you can consciously participate in your own evolutionary expansion and physiological transformation and experience the higher vibrations, blessings, and synchronicity of the New Earth.
This is a process to engage in regularly as the electromagnetic energies flooding the planet are changing and rising every day. *Freedom from fear, unconditional loving, understanding the meaning of life, and accessing the abundance of the universe are just some of the results.*

This mechanism has been given to humanity to facilitate the development of a new civilization of peace on Earth, a civilization that is in harmonic resonance with the planet upon which it resides, and is capable of participating in the galactic community to which it also belongs. Tune in to these videos each Saturday as we elevate our consciousness to the 5D Earth.

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