Past Meetup

Peace Meditation and special Group Healing

Location visible to members


Peace Meditation and special Group Healing

Every Sunday,
8:00 pm Gathering, 8:30pm till 11:00pm

Energy Exchange : Donation are Highly Appreciated

At Live in Harmony Home, location: Discovery Garden, St 4, Cluster 17, Build 91, Please SMS for Apt. No. and more direction

Email or SMS YogiGeorge 0506815377

May the Divine Light Bless Us All :)

In Peace and Light, YogiGeorge a Light-worker visitor consciousness

Special gift:

As we are in the process of entering the Paradigm Shit of the Golden Age of Gaia and Ascension, Preparing the mass to the coming Shift

Through my decade of self-discovery journey, learning, transformation, healing and spiritual awakening

Now it is my duty to gift this powerful collection of meditations to all Peace-workers, Light-workers and Star-seeds as path of connecting with the Divine Light, Higher Self, Awakening, Liberation, Peace and Healing on Individual and Collective Level

Please go through this collection of meditations as much as possible in the sequence order as it will prepare for the highest possible benefit

Here is Dropbox link to all mp3 files, Click on the link here and you can download the meditations or create Dropbox free account so you can keep them all online and access the folder from everywhere PC or Mobile

More info about the Shift:

May Divine Light Bless Us All
YogiGeorge (