• Veterans Meet And Greet

    My house

    Thinking about a cookout so if you can get ahold of me and let me know if this is a good idea. And if so bring your own meat and we can throw it on the grill, also no alcohol please I don't want to be responsible thank you Call Veterans welcome

  • Veterans Meet And Greet

    My house

    We will have coffee and snacks get to know one each other and tell our story if one so wishes Call Veterans welcome

  • Welcome home initiative

    Welcome home initiative

    This is a PTSD group for veterans and their spouses if you are interested please let me know

  • Veterans support group

    David fredenberg

    Meet up

  • At My house 235 Fieldstone drive Groton ma

    Needs a location

    Veterans support group, we will have a small cookout and go over an event that is coming up and I'm apart of Welcome Home initiative it helps that PTSD veterans heal and various different things that everybody wants to talk about maybe you have something that's going on that you can share with the group -