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This group is dedicated to the practice of the profound art of Circling which has taken hold in many parts of the world. 
This could be right for you if: 
• You're already on a path of self-discovery and have an openness both to yourself and to others. 
•  If you have enough self-awareness to see, feel and notice information in the moment.
• If you have a desire for connection and a willingness to understand other’s experience.
Circling is a practice that mostly happens in a group setting and simply put, is the practice of being with whatever arises in the moment in relation to self and other. It is sometimes described as a relational meditation. 

There are many forms of Circling. Typically, there's one person who is leading the circle and one person whom is being circled, in the context of a group. In essence, the lead circler is exploring the Circlee's experience in a variety of ways:
• Through curiosity
•Through noticing their own experience in relation to what is being shared and authentically sharing that when appropriate.
• By attending to the moment including the shared space between the circlee, circler and the group.
As a result, each moment holds infinite possibilities and often times reveals deeper understanding of one’s self, greater connection with others and can help one to see their world view and how it may be limiting their experiences. This all takes place in a safe container and is led by trained facilitators.
To learn more: video about Circling

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An Afternoon of the Circling™️ Method

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Join us for an evening of deep listening, paying attention in a new kind of way to one another, noticing the nuances in the relational field, being heard and seen, and connection.
The Circling Method began over two decades ago and has spread across the planet. It's a communication technology which helps to bring us back to simple ways of being together. We learn to move away from seeing each other as a means to an end and instead communicating with the intention to relate.
The Circling Method creates a structure that invites deep listening, the space to get how someone's else world occurs to them and a way to share how we each impact each other in the present moment.

This is a good fit for you if :
-you're interested in seeing yourself and others more deeply,
-you're desiring more access to connection
-you have the ability or intention to be present with yourself and others
-you'd like to improve your communication and listening skills

Cathy has been facilitating the Circling Method for the last several years. She began her teaching with the founder of Circling- Guy Sengstock and has remained committed to this way of being together and sharing it with as many people

Cost- suggested $20
Pre-register by Venmo: @Catherine-CourtenaySmith
by Paypal: [masked]

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An Evening of the Circling™️ Method

Needs a location

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