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This is a group for fellow Paranormal Enthusiasts! Let's get together over coffee, beer, good food, or any of Asheville's many tasty offerings to share our personal ghost stories. This is a safe space to share, process, nerd out, and connect around the strange, mysterious, and unexplainable parts of life. Feel free to talk about your own stories, other stories that have sparked your interest, or share resources like books, podcasts, documentaries, articles, etc. Whether you're highly experienced in the paranormal world or just now beginning to explore the possibility of paranormal phenomena, you are welcome to join us!

*Heads up: This is not a paranormal investigations group, nor will we be trying to stir anything up through seances, ouija boards, or the like. Paranormal experiences are highly subjective and sometimes, unsettling, so please keep discussions supportive, open-minded, compassionate, and when appropriate, fun!

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Rising from the Dead

Zillicoah Beer Co.

We've all been waiting in isolation for the world to reopen, like spirits long past waiting for the moon to be full, the air to be perfectly chilled, the fog to be just thick enough, for them to rise once more. As we are re-emerging into society and rediscovering what it means to be alive, let us gather, once more, to ponder what happens after death.

This last year, we have all been faced with the cruel reality of our mortality. Many lives have been lost, perhaps even some who were close to us. Not only does story telling offer us an enjoyable distraction from the harshness of our present reality, but it can give us a framework through which to process our experiences.

We've all been forced to turn within, to isolate to some degree, to be separate from many of the things that once kept us distracted. I don't know about you, but these circumstances seemed to increase the paranormal activity in my life, and I'd love to tell you all about it. Won't you join me, and share your stories, too?

*I have been fully vaccinated, and am feeling safe to hold these events regularly once again. We will honor social distancing, and masking when necessary. Let's gather, share, imbibe, and enjoy ourselves!*

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For the Love of Ghosts

Bhramari Brewing Company


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