What we're about

We envision a group of motivated & inspired individuals prospering in participation, enthusiasm, new members and growing to be a cornerstone in the health conscious community of our great city.

Why "Asheville Raw Matrix?" Because after many years of choices in healthy food, I have come to know that each person must customize their diet to optimize their own immune responses and growth. I believe that the raw, living diet is the foundation of health but for the edges we must all find those nurturing foods that resonate with our own needs at that time. We have seen our share of people at our potlucks that have food allergies or preferences and I'm happy they find a place at our table. We will continue the guidelines of our potlucks being RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE and preferably ORGANIC or non-GMO. I hope we can come together and withhold judgement about what others are choosing to eat or not eat. And with that said, I also hope we can offer guidance to those who are seeking a better lifestyle and that we can all agree that we want no part of the suffering that's inflicted on animals, the poisons that are laid upon the earth by the tons, the world of damaged, denatured foods or the broken processes of most conventional health treatments. We want more change and we want Asheville to be a leader in new American healthy lifestyles. So let's show up, that really counts!

As well as inviting members to give talks & presentations on healthy living, we do need members to offer their homes, their workplaces, community centers, studios and gardens for our potlucks, so start thinking and let us know!

There is no fee to join this Meetup, although some individual Meetups may have a class fee. However, we do ask that you help out and contribute some of your time, energy and whenever possible a few dollars here & there to support the costs of the group.

Community Agreements

By joining this group, you agree to adhere to the following expectations:

•You will make every effort to attend the Meetups you RSVP to (or change your RSVP to reflect your current availability).

• Members should consider themselves an important part of this community, realizing that your opinions, ideas and desires are as important as any and we welcome your full participation in aligning with our group.

• Each Meetup is a judgment-free zone. We respect that each individual walks their own path and if paths merge, that is wonderful. No condemnation is warranted or tolerated.

• Sharing positive, high vibes will be a priority (with the exception of doing processing work with other members).

• All members shall be treated with respect and consideration, regardless of differences.

Past events (112)

Pigment Power Potluck

220 Amboy Rd

Picnic & Waterfall Walk

Lower Paw Paw Road

Limonene Love @ Chai Chat Series

OM Sanctuary

Raw Food Regeneration (talk & Potluck)

Roof Garden atop the Battery Park apartments downtown

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