What we're about

Reiki TUMMO is a natural, gentle and effective form of energy healing centered on the heart. With thousands of practitioners, Reiki TUMMO has successfully helped countless people worldwide. In Reiki TUMMO, we rely on our heart's connection to the Divine to channel both Reiki (Divine) and TUMMO (Kundalini, inner fire) energies, which work in synergy to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki TUMMO:

Relieves stress and promotes relaxation and rejuvenation

Enhances feelings of joy, peace, gratitude and well-being

Clears stuck emotions and removes energetic blockages

Helps improve physical and emotional health and wellness

Safely and blissfully awakens your Kundalini

I have been practicing Reiki TUMMO since 2009 and have benefited greatly from the practice --experiencing healing on all levels, for myself and for others. It is all about relying on the Unconditional Love from the Source of Love; relaxing, smiling to our spiritual heart and doing nothing, just being present to allow the healing to happen. In Reiki TUMMO we learn and realize that the best healer is always the Divine Source, True Source, our Creator, whatever term you choose. We learn that the blessing of the Divine Source is the mightiest power. As we let this blessing work on us and through us, we gain unlimited benefits. By having this understanding in energy channeling, we are able to let the blessing of the Divine Source help us in everything we need, not only in our daily life but also for our spiritual growth. In Reiki TUMMO, you will not simply hear or read about this. As your spiritual heart opens, you will be able to allow Divine Source to work through you. While a spiritual healing practice, Reiki Tummo is not affiliated with any other religion or spiritual path. It is a universal practice.

I and several other practitioners in the area offer Reiki Tummo healing sessions for sliding scale donation. We often do group channeling (2 or more practitioners at once), if requested. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a session, to experience Reiki Tummo first hand. I am also available to answer any other questions you might have and to share more of my experience.

Valerie 541-914-0431, valeriekeartes@sbcglobal.net

SAVE THE DATE: Our next round of Reiki Tummo workshops in Asheville will be April 28-31 this spring. A teacher will be visiting from Indonesia.

Please visit www.reikitummo.com (http://www.reikitummo.com/) for more detailed information about Reiki Tummo and www.reikitummo-usa.com (http://www.reikitummo-usa.com/) for info about events, workshops, and resources in the US.

Would you like to learn about Opening your Spiritual Heart?

We also offer Open Heart Meditation and workshops for those who are interested in learning more about the spiritual heart. Please check out https://www.meetup.com/Open-Heart-Meditation-Asheville and www.openheartmeditation.com (http://www.openheartmeditation.com/) for more info.

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