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We're a group of strong-minded women who MEET IN PERSON in Asheville, North Carolina. If you're a woman experiencing a life transition of any kind and wish to renew your creativity and self-efficacy, you belong in this group!

We love to learn new things, make an impact on the world and find mutual support in our individual missions. We seek a deeper meaning and connection in life than the 'everyday mundane'. In fact, many of us have become friends who also get together for fun outside the group. If you're open to new ideas and want to connect with like-minded people who know there's more to life than meets the eye, you're invited to join us!

Our group is supportive, positive, helpful and very interactive. We expect everyone here to be kind at all times and open to hearing others' opinions without trying to push their own ideas as "the truth". We try to avoid advice-giving, but instead listen actively to each other's points of view. Mostly we love to talk about important things and support each other, and sometimes we open our journals and write about the chosen topic or take home a journal prompt to write about.

Discussions center on finding new insights and exploring our individual spiritualty and self-development, using the monthly themes as our framework.

In 2018, we discussed and implemented lessons from It's Never Too Late to Begin Again, by Julia Cameron, bestselling author of "The Artist's Way". In 2019 we'll be continuing our discussions of deep and interesting topics, but instead of having just one leader or one book to focus on, our members will become leader for two sessions in a particular month, giving us plenty to time to dig deep into a monthly theme. (You don't have to be a monthly leader to participate, but we do need twelve interesting discussions for our monthly topics, so you're encouraged sign up, if you'd like.)


January - JOY

February - INTENTION







September - GRATITUDE

October - FREEDOM



NOTE: The suggested donation per meeting is $5 - 10 for administration expenses. (Members are not expected to contribute during the months when they act as leader.)

If you're not able to attend our daytime meetings, please consider joining a different group until your schedule allows you to be with us in person. You're always welcome to join the group, but with this caveat:

We have room for only 50 total members in the Meetup group. So, if someone joins but hasn't been attending when others ask to join and we're near our limit of 50, we must remove non-attenders to make room for those who will be with us in person. Released members are always welcome to re-request membership when schedules allow them to attend in person.


The group's founder is Peggy Shafer, M.Ed., Certified Happiness and Law of Attraction Coach, Teacher, Author and Social Justice Activist. Peggy has led women's journal circles since 2012 and has been a part of powerful women's groups for many more years. She writes, blogs and coaches powerful women from Asheville, NC. Find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PeggyShafer - Happiness Coach

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