• Mason Via At Isis Music Hall
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    Isis Restaurant & Music Hall

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DUGcNwhF53s Mason Via is a talented young musician/singer/songwriter out of Danbury, NC, who is on his rise to stardom. At the moment he has just released his debut CD, "Up, Up, Up", which contains only Mason's originals. Mason has recorded this CD at the studio of one of Ben Fold's past touring guitarists, Britt Uzzell, commonly known as Snüzz. Mason has been playing acoustic guitar since the age of 12. Being taught by his father, notable bluegrass musician David Via; winner of the 2009 International/American Folk Alliance Songwriters Contest, held at Mountain Stage and 3 time Chris Austin Songwriting contest winner(Merlefest). As well as being taught by accomplished musicians Rex Mcgee, Ryan Cavanagh, and Clay Jones. Mason's lyrics are considered by many to be the driving force behind the band's music, and his vocals back up the deep emotion that his lyrics possess. Mason Via & Friends play a wide variety of music with genre titles such as Soulful Acoustic, R&B(Rhythm and Bluegrass), Funky Folk, Indie Blues/Jazz; their musical horizons are never limited. Mason's Music has its own unique sound and when asked, most people are not sure how to categorize him. He has also been termed as a folk troubadour! The band makes it clear that they are trying to spread the vibration of love through ideas such as: equality, tolerance, sustainability, individualism, positivity, environmentalism, spirituality, community, truth, health, and the pursuit of happiness. The band is named “Mason Via & Friends” because Mason Via performs with various talented musicians from several different musical origins. Mason himself won 1st place in the Fall '14 Shakori Hills mandolin competition, placed in Male Vocal at Union Grove Fiddlers Convention '15, and placed in Guitar at Loudoun Bluegrass festival. The group has been featured many times on 90.9 WQFS Guilford College Radio's Carolina show, they have been featured on a UNC-TV segment promoting an establishment they were performing at (Jessup Mill), they have won the Shakori Hills Grassroots Fest Band Competition as well as their Front Porch Acoustic Stage Contest, they have won the Winston Salem Shuffle 3 times, and have shared lineups with bands such as Nahko & The Medicine for the People, Tim Obrien & Darrel Scott, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Donna The Buffalo, The Lonesome River Band, John Cowan, The Duhks, The Wood Brothers,etc. $10 5PM Door :: 7:00PM Show General Admission Seated Lounge Show :: Limited Tables Available with Dinner Reservation otherwise seating is first come first serve. Only 50 tickets will be sold to this concert. (Call[masked] for dinner reservations) "Mason Via is a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina, making his mark across the region in coffee houses, concert venues and festivals and was the winner of Shakori Hills’ Fall 2014 band contest. With an impressive group of supporting musicians, you will hear an eclectic blend of funky folk, blues and jazz influenced covers that will make you want to get up and boogie. But his original compositions are the most surprising! Music : Genre: Acoustic,Americana,Folk Rock,Singer/Songwriter For more information click here (http://isisasheville.com/calendar/?Page=https%3a%2f%2fpublic.ticketbiscuit.com%2fIsisAsheville%2fEvents%2f259046)

  • Adia Victoria w/ Erica Russo at The Mothlight
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    The Mothlight

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBKl7ohlIzo https://youtu.be/LHUC4maGKa0 Adia Victoria Ask Adia Victoria outright about her life and you'll be met with a few readied no-fluff bullet points: she's from South Carolina. She was raised seventh day Adventist. She started playing guitar at twenty one and she's never stopped moving. On the rare chance she divulges more, you'll quickly notice a common theme threading itself through her story--rivers. "When I was 18, I stood on the bank of the Seine. I didn't have a friend in Paris and I thought about jumping in and letting the water take me where ever." At nineteen she hovered above the East River, newly arrived in New York City, and whispered to the city "I'm gonna rule the world." She will tell you at twenty three she saw the Chattahoochee swell up and swallow Sandy Springs. At eight years old the Pacolet River in her native Campobello washed away her black patent leather shoes. Adia moved to Nashville in 2010 just after the Cumberland devastated the city's downtown and started moonlighting solo in clubs and bars around town. After three years of playing out between her school schedule and family life she formed a band with Ruby Rogers, Tiffany Minton and Mason Hickman to flesh out her primitive songs on misery, madness, hope beyond reason and the eponymous South. "The one thing I like most about rivers is that they never stop to explain. They just keep moving" Erica Russo Traveling folk songs tangled in the spin of worn tires and waves of golden hearts In Between Dreams— In tone, mood, instrumentation and narrative, this is wildly creative but steadfastly consistent collection. Russo’s strange and wonderful voice stitches those parts into a consummate whole. -MOUNTAIN XPRESS, Top 5 local albums of 2015 "Sometimes you know somethings good because it gives you those little shivers down your spine. When Erica Russo, head honcho of, well, Erica Russo and the Good Sports starts singing, it has this sort of fragile beauty that it caused much squirming in the backseat mafia offices (my front room). But then it also confounds you, because just as you begin to think this is a folky little gem, then it suddenly throws in a bit of slightly more angular indie pop, twisting and turning your expectations. It’s like the bubblegum in Charlie and the Chocolate factory that gives you a three course meal the more you chew it." -BACKSEAT MAFIA "A band out of Cambridge, Massachusetts that have put together one of the more effortlessly cool albums of 2013 in thir LP Little House, Little Hill that was released a little earlier this year. The album blends together Erica's heartfelt and honest lyrical style with a delightful music backing that moves between whimsical and wonderful at all times. To put it simply, Erica is more than your average artist trying to break into the music industry. She's an individul that lives and breathes her craft, and the results can be seen and heard in her music." - TAKEN BY SOUND "Our featured artist this week is New York folk band Erica Russo And The Good Sport consisting of Erica herself, Billy Leva, John Zurek and Ryland Hall. Not your average day folk band, these guys bring fire of truth and energy into their songs. After listening to their new album Little House, Little Hill this week, Erica Russo and The Good Sport are certainly ones to watch out for. Describing their sound as ‘Like light coming through orange curtains onto an honest, stripped down and dirty wall. Soft, but with a fire of truth and energy’ - fragile yet beautiful with drops of folk, indie and articulate vocals, their music will leave you wanting more." - THE FLUX March 08 Tuesday Doors 8:30, Show 9:30 - $8 For more information click here (http://themothlight.com/adia-victoria/)

  • Airplane Mode, Zeplin, Bright Woods at New Mountain AVL
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    New Mountain Asheville

    https://youtu.be/t0ifbS2cEiU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2FaNiYrepc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpkYbEhvgN0 Airplane Mode Kirby Bright, aka AirplaneMode, is an outstanding producer from Greenville, South Carolina. Slinging authentic wubs and womps, his expertise shines through when he is on stage demonstrating the flow of his own unique style of EDM. Using an MPC with 16 pads, each with their own distinct grimy sound, he creates a live experience of heavy-steppin sounds for his audience to vibe to. The ability to produce rapid live drum patterns and melodic euphoria's on the spot is hard to come by, and Kirby's skill is sure to keep your face melting and your feet moving. Having started this project only 3 months ago, AirplaneMode has released 10 banging originals and has gotten to preform along side Mantis and many other talented DJ's throughout the Carolinas. An AirplaneMode set is hard to compete with, you definitely don't wanna miss this extraordinary rising talent. Bright Woods Mixing elements of psybient, dub, hip hop and glitch for a psychedelic downtempo sound Fri, March 4, 2016Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm New Mountain AVL - Sol Bar Asheville, NC $0.00 Free This event is 21 and over For more information click here (http://www.newmountainavl.com/event/1066925-sol-vibes-airplane-mode-asheville/)

  • Made To Break, with Ken Vandermark, Tim Daisy, Jasper Stadhouders, and Christof

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDZObWACSss MADE TO BREAK is improviser/composer Ken Vandermark’s newest ensemble and his most radical. Combining elements of his interest and experience with the music of Ethiopia and the Ex, alongside the New Music ideas of John Cage and Morton Feldman, and mixing these with his perspective toward jazz and improvised music history, he has devised a compositional framework for the band that can be restructured for every performance and which deals with melody, sound, and rhythm in a completely unique way. This creative system gives the music of MADE TO BREAK an almost unprecedented flexibility and immediacy. The instrumentation of the quartet (drums, electric bass, electronics, and reeds) has given Vandermark an amazing palette of sounds to explore with each composition, but it is the individuals involved (with Tim Daisy, Christof Kurzmann, Jasper Stadhouders), and their diverse approaches to improvisation, that give the ensemble such a dynamic and spontaneous energy. MADE TO BREAK developed its preliminary work with Devin Hoff playing electric bass in June of 2011 for the 3rd Okka Festival, and the group toured Europe in November of that year, to prepare to record their first albums in Lisbon. The band returned to Europe from February 28th until March 10th, 2013, to play a series of concerts featuring music from their first recordings (the LP, Lacerba, and CD, Provoke), which were issued by Clean Feed. The ensemble also worked on new compositions during these performances, and recorded in Vienna at the conclusion that tour. This material was released by Trost in early 2014, on the album called Cherchez La Femme. Jasper Stadhouders replaced Hoff on MADE TO BREAK’s U.S. tour in April of that year, and this solidified the creative energy and dynamics of the band. The group then returned to Europe in November to record their next album for Trost, which will be released in October of 2015. This radical and groove-based ensemble has repeatedly amazed audiences wherever and whenever they perform- whether on festivals, in jazz venues, or rock clubs- and will tour Europe in the autumn of 2015 and in the United States in the spring of 2016, again working on new material and then recording the next exciting developments in MADE TO BREAKS’s aesthetics. Buy Tickets click here (http://themothlight.com/made-to-break-with-ken-vandermark-tim-daisy-jasper-stadhouders-and-christof-kurzmann/)

  • Lyric at 5 Walnut Wine Bar
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    5 Walnut Wine Bar

    https://youtu.be/zFcOdFXHil8 When words fail, LYRIC sings. With an enlightened mixture of pop, soul, funk, and bowties; LYRIC awakens an undiscovered spirit within their audience. Described by many as the best band in Asheville, LYRIC delights crowds across the region. “Whew, lordy people, if you haven’t heard of or heard Lyric, you simply must give yourself the gift." ~Peggy Ratusz Primarily influenced by Tracy Chapman, India Arie, and George Clinton, Leeda "Lyric" Jones has a voice all her own. As the frontwoman, Leeda enlivens her followers with her melodic poetry and soulful voice. “Lyric is a group made up of natural talents that will take you to a place you can’t forget, a group that uses music as an expression of pain, joys, and hope." ~Ben Scales, Montford Festival Co-Director LYRIC formed in 2009 as a combination of the musical talents of Leeda Jones, Dave Matthews, George Scott, and Mike Berlin. From humble beginnings as street musicians, LYRIC quickly brought large crowds together to form a following. The streets are where they thrive. LYRIC believes it has made them better musicians by teaching them to constantly adapt to various crowds. Leeda; lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist plays a funky rhythm guitar with sizzling leads accompanied by her soul gripping lead vocals. Her father, Dave Matthews, has roots in 70's funk style slap bass and holds down the foundation with a playful flare on funk. Mike Berlin locks down the beat on drums, with influences from his hometown of South Baton Rouge, New Orleans. He plays with lock-tight precision along with Dave on bass and brings a saucy Louisiana backbeat to the mix. Mike and George are long time friends that have played together on previous projects. From his bluesy piano licks to his soulful organ sound, George is definitely a fam favorite. Not to mention his fireye synth sounds! The band just put out a new EP called Perspective in December. LYRIC is excited about continuing to pursue the festival circuit. To find out more about upcoming shows, follow LYRIC on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lyricfans), and check out their website at http://www.reverbnation.com/lyricfans. "I am so honored, yet humbled that people really do appreciate what we do. We pride ourselves on always remaining human and are thankful for the opportunity to do what we love to do." ~Leeda "Lyric" Jones Most Recent Accomplishments Best of WNC 2015 & 2014 first place for best Soul and first place for best R&B/ Blues Best of WNC 2015 Tied Second for Pop 2015 Second for Best All Around Band #1 On reverbnation for over 2 years in the pop genre Opened for Amy Ray January 2014 Opened for and sang with Lizz Wright October 8, 2011 First place in Blue ridge roller girls 2012 Battle of the Bands For More Information Click Here (http://5walnut.com/happenings/) "GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)

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    https://youtu.be/BGYZxA0G1JE After forming in Spring of 2015, Mungion has been working relentlessly to get their music out into the world. Based out of Chicago Illinois, this boundless quartet takes pride in their ability to explore crafty songwriting and live improvisations. The band is Constantly going into uncharted territory and experimenting on stage Mungion keeps their shows fresh time and time again. Their calculated compositional prowess mixed with their ability to improvise together has made them stand out from the herd. Determined to always keep pushing the boundaries, Mungion is always looking ahead. Click here to find out more details (http://www.newmountainavl.com/event/mungion) ​"GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)

  • Zack Mexico ,Grace Joyner ,Gold Light & Secret Guest at The Mothlight

    https://youtu.be/JXTNISUAfQ4 Zack Mexico is a ferocious Psychedelic POP /Indie Rock band whose original songs are a collaboration of the technical prowess of multi-instrumentalist band members and their visceral love affair with creating music.. In 2011 the North Carolina based Experimental Rock band Zack Mexico was formed in Kill Devil Hills by John Saturley, Jamie Brumbeloe, Joey LaFountaine and TJ Harrington. It is difficult to name a song “Dreams,” construct it with haunting vocals accentuated with dark, lush instrumentation, and not invoke some sort of comparisons to Stevie Nicks or the song of the same name with Fleetwood Mac. Quite honestly, the track is a dead ringer in every way possible, except for the fact the singer is actually Charleston, SC’s Grace Joyner. Joyner will be releasing her enchanting debut LP, Maybe Sometimes in C, on May 20th via Hearts & Plugs serving as the follow-up to her under-the-radar 2014 debut EP, Young Fools. -- My Old Kentucky Blog Gold Light is an American rock and roll band formed around the songs of musician and filmmaker Joe Chang. Secret Guest ,.Transcentennial Nostalgia Rock Click here to find out more details (http://themothlight.com/free-monday-w-gold-light-grace-joyner-returns-war/) ​"GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)

  • Franklin's Kite at The Highland Brewing Company
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    Highland Brewing Company

    https://youtu.be/Ig9zR7VRg-4 Franklin's Kite is an eclectic five piece band, hailing from western North Carolina...comprised of two guitars, violin, bass, drums, and lots of vocals . With rock being too general a term, the band's sound encompasses a variety of styles. Relying mostly on original work, the band also adds its flavor to a variety of tasty covers. The Kite flies high and when lightning strikes, inspired improvisational wanderings take hold. Creatively unpredictable but always an electrifying experience! ​"GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)

  • Youth Eternal,Brother Oliver and Robert Travis at The Mothlight

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btw4iHtqNYY Youth Eternal is essentially the solo project of singer-guitarist Jonathan Atkinson. (You might know him from (young) American Landscape band.) Brother Oliver is a musical project formed by two brothers, Andrew & Stephen Oliver. The brothers have made their way with high energy performances through the lens of a folk-rock / psych-rock aesthetic. Robert Travis is an Asheville-living indie-folk singer-songwriter who plays enchanting acoustic-based songs of heart-baring revelation and soul-diving depth. Click here to find out more details (http://themothlight.com/youth-eternal-w-brother-oliver-modern-natives/) ​"GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)

  • Piper at the Gates of Dawn,Alarm Clock Conspiracy and Carpal Tullar at The Grey

    https://youtu.be/F6xamkVdSVY The Madcap Collective is a group of local Asheville, NC musicians who are dedicated to reproducing the early music of Pink Floyd, including elements of improvisation as well as their own influence Alarm Clock Conspiracy is an Indie Rock / Power Pop / Alt-Country band from Asheville, NC. The "conspiracy" which we speak of, is the fallacy that all humans must awake to a bellowing alarm clock each morning, only to rush off to work at a job that they truly hate Click here to find out more details (http://www.thegreyeagle.com/event/1489077-50th-anniversary-pink-floyds-asheville/) ​"GREAT T-SHIRTS!" An incredible collection of T-shirts - Rock, Art, Sports, Pop Culture! (http://www.americalovesmusic.com/shopping)