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Are you a true animal lover? Do you advocate for all animals? Do your food choices reflect your commitment to animal rights? This is the place for you. Join us, we meet monthly and have action groups that advocate for Animal liberation around the State of North Carolina. You can be a part of a group that expresses compassion for all.

Each member is expected to organize at least one action per year. It can be a protest, tabling event, legislative action. Each member is expected to participate in at least 5 events per year.

Asheville /American is an Animal advocacy grassroots organization. As a group we save sentient beings from an otherwise cruel and harmful environment. Please do your part.

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https://www.gofundme.com/support-asheville-voice-for-animals The Asheville Voice for Animals was founded in August 2012 to fight the cruel and corrupt circus industry that was making thousands off the backs of animals in our city. We won the campaign, and now the circus is banned from the city. But we didn't stop there. We moved on to our next campaign, taking on the horse carriages that used to plague our streets. We won that too, and now the carriages and all the cruelty they brought with them are gone. We are now working on a groundbreaking campaign to ban the sale of bred animals in the city. We can save these animals, but now more than ever, your support is vital. Our expenses are skyrocketing. We print posters, banners, and flyers for our campaigns, pay for meeting venues, boost social media posts to reach thousands of people, pay to put up billboards and take out ads in local publications and pay almost $200 annually to keep our Meetup running. We readily pay these expenses out-of-pocket, but with our small leadership team, it is impossible for us to continue to do so. Our work is vital to saving the lives of thousands of animals in Asheville, and we cannot do it without you. Please consider making a donation to our organization, no matter how small. Thank you for your compassion and love of all animals. https://www.gofundme.com/support-asheville-voice-for-animals

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