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Reading Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Chanting
We will meet every 3rd Sat. Of each Month at Earthfare South Community Room this is in far back of store,look for the glass windows! We share Prasad outside at tables, no food can be brought into the Store or Community room!

Earth Fare

1856 Hendersonville Road · Asheville, NC

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A Community of people interested in Ayurveda Vastu,Science of Spirituality Bhakti,Music, Harinam,and Alternative Health for Meetups about homeopathic remedies, holistic healing, and prevention of disease through healthy living, proper eating habits! Meetups for Fun Kirtan (call and response Chanting) Singing, Reading, Learning Ayurveda! Guest Speakers Teachers and more!

Ashevilles Bhakti Community encompasses every part of life, including the foods we eat, our thought processes, emotions and Science of Vedic Spirituality. There are many facets of Ayurveda/Alternative Health that we all agree on, and there are many facets where people have widely varying opinions and beliefs.

Each of us have our opinions and beliefs, and we have an earnest desire to enlighten others. Let us focus on learning, growing, at the same time allow one another the basic right to individual opinions and beliefs without condemnation,after all we are all on our own personal Journey!

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