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Ready to start designing your life? This group is for Asians in Tech in the SF Bay Area who want to become intentional about creating the lives they truly want.

Do you want more from life than just comfort and security? Are you a go-getter but have no clue where you want your life to go? Are you excelling in some areas of your life but totally neglecting others? Do you have a secret passion or dream that you can't figure out how to pursue? Or have you already started designing your life but struggle to stay on track?

Chances are you could use some structure, guided self-exploration, new tools, and accountability to keep you engaged and motivated in achieving your goals.

As Asians, many of us didn't grow up valuing or learning about self reflection and personal growth. Navigating the (very white) self-help world by yourself can be alienating and depressing. That's why doing this work among folks who share a similar cultural context can be way more fun and empowering.

These group sessions are highly interactive and geared towards generating actionable takeaways for each person to move the needle on their personal growth projects.

Each time, we'll focus on a topic or theme that will help you learn how to:

• Figure out what you truly want to create in your life

• Bridge the gaps between dreaming, planning and doing

• Set goals that are achievable and actually motivating to you

• Structure your daily and weekly routine to make time for it all

And together, each person will work on:

• Creating and articulating short term and long term life goals

• Learning new personal growth tools

• Coming up with actions to work on between sessions

Let us be your cheerleaders, thought partners, and accountability buddies!

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Yes, You Should Be Journaling! How to Journal for Self-Discovery & Growth

Forget about "Dear, Diary". Journaling is not what you grew up thinking it was. And if you're committed to your growth, you MUST be journaling. I'm usually very agnostic and open-minded about tools and practices when it comes to personal growth, but not when it comes to journaling. There's simply no substitute. But I talk to my therapist or friends a lot about my issues, does that count? No. But I draw pictures or make collages, does that count? No. But I sit and reflect and meditate a lot, does that count? NO! Seriously, there is no substitute for journaling. Come learn 3 journaling techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life. Yes, we will be journaling together. No, you will NOT be expected to share what you write. Rule #1 of journaling: It's PRIVATE. Agenda: 5:30 - Welcome, intros, settle in 5:40 - What's the big deal about journaling? (preso) 5:55 - Practice 3 journaling techniques 6:55 - Wrap up and accountability To Bring: Your journal! If you don't have one, I will give you one. That's how passionate I am about getting everyone I know to journal.

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How to Set Non-Shaming Goals that Actually Feel Good

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