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-Have you always followed the traditional paths of success, and now you’re wondering what you really want in life?
-Are you worried your family will disapprove of your dream job or who you may want to date?
-Do you hear your parents’ critical voices in your head and wish you had a more loving relationship with your family?
Many of us discuss these challenges and more behind closed doors with good friends. Let’s bring them out into the open and get support from each other and from skilled counselors. Join us for tools, strategies, and conversations about how to get clear about what you really want, give yourself permission to go for what’s right for you, and find the courage and support to create your dream life…while staying in good relationship with your family. Let’s support each other to "break chains without breaking ties" with our loved ones.

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Lunar New Year group support call: Let go & bring in what you want this year

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Happy Lunar New Year! What are you letting go of and what are you bringing in this Year of the Pig? Chinese New Year traditions include sweeping out the old to make space for more prosperity, health, love, and peace! Another custom is to give gifts, so I'm offering this complimentary group call to share and get support on what we're releasing and what we're stepping into this year. One thing I'm stepping into is serving more people on bigger platforms, so I'm thrilled to share my newly redesigned online job search support group to support your career and feel even more alive! AND I want to give you a red envelope as is the tradition on Chinese New Year, so come get your $ gift! :) To share insights together and receive your present via Zoom meeting online/phone, please email [masked] to get call info & Google Calendar invite.

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