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AYCE Thai Dining! $10 ~ Thai Town Hollywood ~ Crispy Pork Gang Grill

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Kris & Diana will be the Event Organizers for this event. Awesome AYCE deal and it is tasty and cheap. It is an amazing deal and the food is pretty good. Here's the deal. This is not a buffet, we order our dishes off the menu. Whatever we want excepting the duck/seafood/drinks/dessert dishes are excluded from the AYCE deal. If you want duck/seafood... go here on your own and order normal a la carte, this is not the event for you... this is intended to do a tasting of a lot of their dishes affordably. Drinks and desserts are an additional cost. Please expect to pay $14pp including tax and tip. More if you order any dishes not on the AYCE menu, desserts or drinks. No booze/byob...

Please arrive on time. After 7pm, the price increases from $10 to $16 after 7pm!!! So don't be late. If you cannot arrive before 7pm, please do not sign up to this event.

Meet at 6:30pm and begin ordering as soon as about 4 people arrive. The ideal group size I think is two tables of six, so I will not be adding any more seats, so expect this event to fill very quickly and don’t hem and haw about signing up.

Your drinks or special order dishes are extra. This will simplify collecting money to pay our bill and let's let the restaurant make a few extra bucks. We want them to be happy and not go broke, right?

Each table will get a bill for the whole table. Simply pay $14 plus any additional for non-ayce items or drinks/desserts.

Last time, we were grazing for hours and didn't leave until well past 10pm, so don't sign up for this event if you are in a hurry. The dishes are made to order, the kitchen is very busy so expect dinner to take 2-3 hours. In exchange, you'll dine on a 20 course meal for $14 tax/tip included!!!!!

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This restaurant is CASH ONLY. But they do have an ATM inside the restaurant, but I bet they will charge plenty if you need to use it, so just get cash beforehand to avoid excessive fees.

This is about 2 blocks from the Hollywood/Western Metro Station. There is paid valet ($6) or if you get lucky you might find some free street parking (allow 20 min. to hunt/walk) and there's some street metered parking as well. Get desperate, you can chance parking in the Ralph's garage…

FYI if you come here on your own, must have a minimum of 2 people to take advantage of the deal from 3-10pm.

This is now a repeating, monthly event to be held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, subject to change without notice. If anyone would like to host an additional event here but at a date convenient to them, become an Event Organizer and you call the shots and set the date.

Below is a link to the dessert place across the parking lot.