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BYOD SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&S­ocial on Your Topics) of US.92654(Laguna Hills)

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• Kindly make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you. For whatever hours you would enjoy, RSVP & join!
• We've been running tech SimulSquads™ 2 to 5 times every month since 2014.
• This is advertised on a wide-variety of groups plus flyers and word-of-mouth, so often there are more people joining us than RSVPed YES on this one re-listing; but attendance is limited and sometimes selective, as a successful meeting has just 2 to 10 people, mostly regulars, who really get to know & love each other ...becoming your band of local tech buds!
• We're here for you currently every Monday’ a nearby affordable quality friendly restaurant —usually the same venue but can change so stay tuned.
• Per our BYOD SimulSquad™ name, ‘We work together in squads of 1 or more on your topics & courses & projects: on anything’, including any topic, ’do-able on’ BYOD (portable electronics of all sorts (laptops, smartphones, tablets, hotspots, keyboards, cameras, mics, meters, soldering, and of course big video & sound!) plus yes sometimes even books, pen, & paper!)
‘—training, coding, designing, biz/org-starting, research, homework, study group, office hours, writing,’ website building & maintaining, computer admin, accounting & bill paying, presentations, ’campaigning, hackathon, gaming’, even electronics building & repair!
• ‘We also do great flipped-classroom co-training (self-paced & all-levels & level-sorted) on topics Node.js, Python, Android, even Bernie-calling, ...any topic with online-tutorials we readily do!’
• To ensure event hosts will be there for you, again ‘make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ While one could RSVP & join for even just a few minutes, attendees generally participate from 3 to 9 hours so they can get in a good amount of great work, eating, play!
• Chapter website: .
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