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The Annual Book Club Christmas Party

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This meet-up is for the Annual Christmas Party. It will follow the December Book Club. If you are planning to come for the Christmas Party you should RSVP for this meet-up. If you are planning to come only for the Book Club and not for the Christmas Party then please RSVP for December Book Club which is set-up as a separate meet-up. If you plan to come for both then you should RSVP for both meet-ups.

Further details ...

The Venue:

The Party is in a room in a Community hall . Called the Britannia Village Hall. The room booked for us is aptly called the Nursery (During the week young people play around there).

The nearest stations are DLR stations of West Silvertown or Pontoon Dock. If you get off at West Silvertown, you need to walk out to the main road and turn right. Keep going on the road till you get to a petrol station. Go down the road just before the petrol station (Boxley Street). At the end of this road turn left and you should see the community centre to the right.

If you choose to drive there should be plenty of street parking around the community hall. It is not restricted on a Saturday.

Food and Drink

The party will be pot-luck and you will be asked to bring something either a drink or something to eat. To help you with the decision about what to bring you will be given a clue -- for example "something mushy and green which is not too sweet". You are expected to bring something as close to the description as you are given. You can choose to make it or buy it. The person who is most creative in interpreting the description will be awarded the title "Top Assistance Chef" .

The complete list of clue for the people who have signed up for the party is given at the end of this description.

Dress Code

The dress code will be "something shiny" for this year's Christmas Party. What that means is left entirely up to you.

Secret Santa

Like every year, this year also we will have a Secret Santa. However the twist for this year is that you need to make something rather than buy a present. This could be a poem, a story, a piece of craft or simply a fool of yourself. The theme is "Unique and different" . If you struggle to think of something, you can choose to buy something as long as it looks like you could have made it.

Book Swap

During the party we will also have a book swap. If you would like to give yourself another Christmas Present, bring along one or more books that you may want to swap for something fresh and new. For every book you bring you will get a swap voucher that will entitle you to pick another book from the book swap pile.

Awards .......

Like every year we will have an award ceremony for the best organiser, the best book selection and the worst and the best book club member.

Other Games and things ...

There will be a series of new games and other items during the evening watch this space for more details ...


There is a charge for this meet-up of £10 this will cover the Venue. Mulled Wine and soft drinks and some basic nibbles.

Pot-luck clues

1. Anu: Eggy and brown , Sweet and Solid.

2. Caroline: Crunchy and Cool, Sweet and Brown

3. Cristina: Red and Sweet, Doughy and Gingery

4. Gail: Thick and Chocolaty, Sweet and Red

5. Hina: Lemony and Sweet, Yellow and Crunchy

6. Julia: Yellow and Smooth, Nutty and Sweet

7. Kareena: Dry and Baked, White and Sweet

8. Malcolm: Whipped and White, Sweet and Fruity

9. Mariam: Crunchy and Savoury, Green and Crunchy

10. Paul (Mariam +1): Soggy and Green, Spicy and healthy

11. Mira: Green and Savoury, Spicy and Meaty

12. Nash: Brown and Savoury, Fishy and Crusty

13. Neel: Solid and Savoury, Fried and Brown

14. Nicky: Brown and Spicy, Mashed and Savoury

15. Peter Latham: Diced and Savoury, Fresh and rainbow coloured

16. Philip: Raw and Crispy, Multi-coloured and Savoury

17. Preeti: Savoury and White, Toasted and Doughy

18. Ramesh: Fried and Heavy, Savoury and White

19. Ranju: Aromatic and Solid, Orange and Tangy

20. Rina: Fresh and Tangy; Juicy and Orange

21. Ritu: Green and Pickled, Chewy and Tangy

22. Sabina: Tangy and Fruity, Green and Juicy

23. Sheila: Red and Tangy, Creamy and Spongy

24. Sonia: Fresh and Crunchy, Read and Tangy

25. Vinita: Diced and Lemony, Yellow and Tangy

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