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Event - Trip to the Hay-On-Wye literary festival

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Hello all I have upgraded Vijay's DIY trip to Hay to an Official Trip. I am holding hotel rooms in Leominster Royal Oak Hotel which is only 34 min drive from the site. Please advise by (re)confirming stating whether you wish to take the rooms which are £80 for double for 2 nights ie £40/night. If you have any other accommodation preferences let me know by messaging me on meetup. We will travel in shared cars which we will arrange later. First come first served as rooms will sell out. Peter.

Blwyddyn newydd dda!

This year, I'm listing this as non-hosted self-organising event.
Details of the festival are available on the website:
Full program and tickets will be available in **April** so keep an eye out. A few odd early bird tickets are available now.

Vineet had organised this trip in 2013. He meticulously organised the logistics, including hotel bookings, coordinating cars etc.
I found the event itself fantastic and very enriching.

This year, deviating from tradition, there isn't going to be a formal 'annual trip to Hay-on-Wye' (but might turn into one) as i'm posting this as a non-hosted event for the 2014 spring bank holiday weekend.
Members of the book club who do intend to go to the festival on 24-26th May 2014 can join together to car-pool/share info/company for common events/getting together as a group for coffee+discussion/walk around & explore etc.

The main actions are:
1) Watch out for when the program and tickets are available (some time in April)
2) Book their own place to stay - I'll book my place in next couple of weeks.
3) Organise your own transportation from London to Hay-on-Wye
[I have space for 3 in my car so I'm happy to accommodate. Others can volunteer for this too - compensation for volunteering to drive will be on the same lines as last year. Car pools can sort it out among themselves.]

4) Organise your own transportation from your hotel in /around Hay-on-Wye to the festival venue.
[Drivers can volunteer for this,
If you book hotels early, especially if you're not driving there, you might find a place close to the festival.]

***Those driving there and willing to volunteer , please share this information to me or the group (including your place of stay in Hay) so others can request to join you as passengers (Either from London-Hay-London or to commute locally between hotel-festival-hotel)

AT this point i'm not sure how successful this 'self organising' model will be but worth a try.
I'm definitely going to the festival and hope to see some of you there too!